If it feels right, do not question it.

If it feels right, do not question it.

Often times when our intuition is right, or the starts are perfectly aligned, our ego or fear gets uncomfortable. Causing us to question our decisions and actions. However our soul and intuition and higher knowing know the way. We all know that power and knowing is within us and true, but for whatever reason, we choose fear over knowing.

So how do we break that habit?

If it feels right, do not question it.

Give yourself choices, because one will always feel and be right. If all of the sudden you can’t shake the idea of starting a blog, calling that one friend, or getting your hands on a certain healing crystal, it’s because your message needs to be shared, that one friend is needing you, or that one crystals healing energies are needed in your life for whatever you are going through.

If you pull back from your tyrant or jumbled thoughts and look at the bigger picture and both sides of your emotion you’ll find that one of those sides is fear and/or ego, and the other is divine knowing.

“If it feels right it’s going to be right. Even if it doesn’t make sense. No, especially when it doesn’t make sense. We all have in us a guidance system that is more brilliant than our minds could ever imagine. And so that niggling feeling, it’s telling you something. And that soft flowy feeling, it’s telling you something too.” –Rebecca Campbell

Flow with your {kind} intuitive voice.

You know it is there, so listen.



~Riley Reign

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