So, I was called to start a blog? // The Becoming of Spirit & Soul

So, I was called to start a blog? // The Becoming of Spirit & Soul


I think alot – like any other person, I guess – but sometimes I think in writing (which is also probably normal), I just don’t sit down to write very often… Which is silly because when I do, it doesn’t totally suck.  ***note: I am not bragging here, it is just a part of me that I am good(ish) at writing.***  So it makes sense that I would think about starting a blog. I’ve had a blog before, you know before tumblr existed and blogging about random things with your friends was a cool thing?

But this was kind of different – kind of. Usually I ponder something for a good while before talking myself out of it, or deciding to get out of my own way. But this blog idea came into my head one moment, and it stayed there. It was only about 2 hours before I decided – Screw it. This is happening. SO i started my research, and 2-3 hours after that I had narrowed down mood boards and knew how I wanted everything. I had even started a list of topics to blog about!

I am a firm believer in the philosophy that if everything works out smoothly and feels good, it’s meant to be and is divinely approved. So for me, this was kind of awesome and the pace didnt freak me out. I fully trusted in my meant to be philosophy and kept moving forward. And now here I am almost, if not exactly, 2 months later posting to my blog just before I launch it, plainly because I followed what felt right, I followed the guidance.

Apparently I have messages to share and my light is needed even more than I thought, on a bigger scale than i expected.

So let’s not waste anymore time – Welcome!

I am Riley Reign. This blog is of my creation. Enjoy my good vibe lighthouse!!!


~Riley Reign

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