Inner Child // Release & Heal

Inner Child // Release & Heal


Look at the young ones surrounding you… Leaving you in awe of their strength, wisdom, curiosity, courage, and freedom.

They live without fear of the big, real world kind of ‘scary’ things. They have big dreams, and plan on accomplishing them all.

They don’t hesitate, hold their tongue, or feel uncomfortable being vulnerable.

They love, and feel so deeply, and without fear.

They have the security and trust in their environment to change their course at any given moment, to learn, explore, and create. Admiring and taking in everything, the beauty in and of life.

Being present in each moment.

Everyone of us sees ourselves in these magical little sprites. Either we wish to encompass their fearlessness in our Adulthood, or we wish to go back to being that young and wonderous child. Because we are them. The potential and aspirations, the magic and strength, the courage and curiousity. That playful, yet wise and knowing child is within each of us, bouncing from wall to wall with anticipation of being free again. And all we have to do to release it is be open, let it out.

Whatever trapped that child – social constructs, negative experiences from growing up, and anything that came as a result of those experiences, do not serve us. They give our lives no positivity, and they can make us feel so purposeless.

So let them go.

Forgive them for happening, thank them for teaching you whatever they may have taught you (it may take some thinking, but they taught you lessons that made you who you are today). Now move on, and let your inner child inspire your life from here on out.


~Riley Reign

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