My Truth ~ Elyse Heather

My Truth ~ Elyse Heather

I remember the first time it happened, I was in junior high school and this Puerto Rican kid drew a swastika on my desk. Doesn’t he know a Puerto Rican, doesn’t really fit the mold of white supremacist?! His ignorance was clear. 

That day I learned I was different because I was Jewish. 
I remember my grandpa calling black people shfartza’st (an extremely derogatory Yiddish word). 
I didn’t understand why.  
I remember people pointing out the two black families in the neighborhood. 
I never noticed that my dear friend Rashida was different from me, until it was mentioned. 
I remember the controversy over the movie Jungle Fever. I even remember my Mom saying “Why would anyone want to make their lives more difficult than it already is?” Seriously?? 
I remember from junior high school till I was 24, hiding my breasts in turtlenecks and minimizer bras. They were so big, people would rarely look at my face. It caused such an insecurity for me that I had a breast reduction. 
I remember, and am still, being judged for my piercings and tattoos. 
I remember the first time a father, in front of his children, said awful things to my girlfriend and I while we were taking a photo at Red Rock. I lost sleep over that one. 
I remember friends asking me how I can be attracted to women. I’m actually attracted to people. I’ve never been gender specific. If you can stimulate my brain you are more likely to turn me on rather than whether or not you’re male, female, black, white, hot, not hot. People are beautiful to me for who they are, not what they look like. 
We are ALL Human. We ALL bleed the same. Being different is what makes this world such a Beautiful place. How boring it would be if we all looked and acted the same. 
There’s a huge difference between racism and ignorance… At least when ignorant, you’re still teachable. 
So by all means, continue to judge this Jewish, Tattooed, Pierced, Pansexual (I can’t believe there’s a word for it), Not skinny enough, Woman! 
I’m gonna continue to be me. 
One of my favorite quotes:
I don’t judge people based on color, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, or size. I base it on whether or not they’re an asshole. 

This piece was written by Elyse Heather. Elyse is an intuitive healer, and an incredible being of light and magic. To keep up with her journey, visit her Facebook page and her Instagram and give her a follow to see her lovely light and growth.

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