The Overcoat ~ Guest Fashion Blog by Lindsey Genzer

The Overcoat ~ Guest Fashion Blog by Lindsey Genzer

The oversized, and overdramatic yet simple overcoat, covered everyone in winters of the 80s and 90s. This trend lasted a long time, nearly two decades. And after a year of 70’s flashbacks, these large coats were not expected to hit the fashion week catwalks. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. Nothing screams badass like a duster or a black trench! And you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear them. Retailers like forever 21 and vintage shops make this trend very affordable. You could go for an autumnal color that compliments your wardrobe, or select a fine neutral. They are undeniably chic and simple. These coats don’t display male or female characteristics. The only thing that differentiates the two are the fit.image

image (1)

Look familiar? Maybe not these photos but the Kardashians are known for wearing their camel overcoats. They pretty much have set the marker for the camel overcoat this season. What can I say, they are trendsetters.


Now for the men so you know I am not lying about the unisex quality of these jackets. And in all honesty I got so distracted by the hotness of the male models, this took about 30 minutes.

image (2)
image (3)

Need I say more?

You can get these styled coats at almost any major retailor or vintage/resale shops. Thrifting is always an option, but you may have to remove some shoulder pads.

Follow this trend if you may, your style is always yours. Never try to be anyone you’re not, do you boo.




This piece was brought to you by Lindsey Genzer (a.k.a Ali0n). Lindsey is a fashion blogger, artist, and all around great human being. She’s equally as eloquent as she is funny. Check out her incredible blog, Ali0nated, here, give her beautiful instagram a follow here. Last but not least, check out her art here.


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