A Mantra For Today

A Mantra For Today


I wrote the mantra above on a day of low energy and lack of motivation, as well as with a bit of self-doubt slowly and semi successfully creeping in. I didn’t know what to write, and I wasn’t in a vibration where I could really connect with my intuition, so I fell into this place of harsh self judgement. I wrote out “Who am I to be on this path?” as a post title, and very quickly scribbled it out. I tried to write something else, but it wasn’t flowing like it should have been. I pulled myself back out of my not so cool thoughts and asked myself what my heart would want me, and all of you, to know.
    When you are stressed, or feeling like you are less than what you are worth, use this mantra to help you remember what is true. Because “not good enough” is never the truth.
No one deserves to feel like less than they are. Knowing that you are amazing is not conceited or vain. It is a blessing to know and acknowledge your own power and potential.

~Riley Reign 

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