JUMP // Why I Believe In Starting ‘With Nothing & ‘Before You’re Ready’

JUMP // Why I Believe In Starting ‘With Nothing & ‘Before You’re Ready’

Everybody wants something – or wants to be something – that they believe is out of their reach, or believe isn’t realistic/practical. That promotion, to write a book one day, to be an established artist, to be a speaker, etc.

… Did you catch the problem with that statement? – What we want the most (and what is most likely our souls calling and purpose – but that’s another article) is what we believe is unattainable or unreachable for ourselves! Or even worse we don’t believe we deserve to be whatever it is we wish, we don’t have that kind of power within us. That is CRAZY! Truthfully, it is those things that we were put on this earth to do. Maybe it is a little out of our direct reach, but there is nothing to stop us from jumping, and let me tell you jumping is so fun. (how do you think i decide to start a blog and put myself out there as an artist?)

Why I believe in starting ‘with nothing’ ~

Okay so maybe technically you have no money, funding, etc. That’s okay.

… But you definitely do not have nothing.

You have passion. You have a job that only you can do, to make your own positive imprint on this world for the better (( Be The Light ))

And if you have a clear vision (if you don’t then meditate on it, clarity will come to you) then you have everything you need.

Starting with ‘nothing’ but yourself and your vision of where you want to be will take you on a magnificent journey. Starting early allows you to create your own hours, and to build powerfully from the start – even if the start is a little slow. You will learn more about yourself then you thought you could. It will take you to the deepest depths of your soul, and teach you how to live your purpose even more clearly. …Should you have the courage to push yourself out of your comfort zone. And maybe that sounds like too much, or a little scary… But oh, darling, didn’t you see Alice’s face as she was falling into wonderland (of all places – wonderland)

I believe in starting with nothing because the truth & fact of the matter is – you have everything within you. It just takes a leap of faith for some to see it.

Why I believe in starting ‘before you’re ready’ ~

“It will come to me when i am ready, and if it is supposed to happen” Okay… but what if you continually + subconsciously talk yourself out of being ready? We all do it, so don’t be afraid or feel bad about yourself for admitting and acknowledging so you can begin to course correct.

Now before you say, “But, Riley, I thought you believe in perfect timing and divine guidance and intervention… And trusting in The Universe?”, let me say  – Yes! I do (very firmly and strongly) believe in those things. I also believe that each of our lives are given to us for our souls to grow and evolve and become wiser and more intuitively lead in our lives. And sometimes the Universe says, ” Okay you, are you going to listen to that higher knowing and challenge yourself and your ego to step into this?” as a way of checking in, to make sure we’re still listening, and to see how far we’re willing to go.

“Okay, kid. Show me what you got” –  The Universe

“Here I am. Your turn to show me” – You

I believe in starting before you’re ready because, guess what, you’re no more or less ready any other time than when you choose to be.

So, what have you got? Are you willing to go on an adventure?! If you want to jump, the net will appear.

Dallas Clayton Artwork – Shown Above

Namaste~Riley Reign

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