There Is Always A Way Back Home

There Is Always A Way Back Home

No matter how far you stray from your truth and authenticity, I want you to know that there is always a way back home.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life – age, philosophy, mental state, etc. – there is always a way to navigate back to your souls purpose. If you are unhappy and aren’t being fulfilled the way you need to be, or should be, you have the power to change your story. The cards tell us what is currently/will manifest, but we can always change the outcome. Start writing the next chapter and make a huge change.

Sometimes when you stop following the easiest path, and rather follow your hearts desires instead all kinds of new opportunities open and begin to flood into your life.

So, if you are getting that intuitive whisper that things need to shift, but you are afraid to make the moves to inspire that change because where you are ‘works’, know (that anything that needs change and a shift is not working properly) that there is always a way back home.

*Home, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros just starting playing as I was writing, I encourage you to go listen to that song if you need some inspiration or motivation*

Don’t be afraid to change the direction you are moving. Especially if you’re needing to move back toward your authenticity.

~Riley Reign

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13 thoughts on “There Is Always A Way Back Home

  1. Please tell me how! I know this is so true. It’s just hard sometimes to know you’re in the right direction.. How do you regonize it that you’re on the right path? Who will tell?

    1. You will know. Go deep within yourself and ask yourself “Does this feel good?” if not then ask, “How do I want to feel instead? And what can I do to feel that?” When you feel bright and full and positive, you’re in alignment. Do not allow your ego to sabotage the magic of your soul. And if you don’t know what you want or how you want to feel, just keep asking yourself, your soul will tell you where you need to be. I highly recommend the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for figuring out what you want. I hope to be hosting a giveaway of that book soon, however since I don’t know the details on that I would go find the book ASAP if I were you. Sending you strong beams of Love & Light <3

  2. Namaste Riley, I really like that photo with the light shining through the forest onto the water. And I get that too, when i am thinking about something and a song comes on, seems like it is perfect timing and it speaks to you and supports your thinking.

    1. Jordan Bach, one of my favorite Spiritual Teachers lately calls things like that a God Wink. Cutest name ever for something so magical!

  3. Beautiful message. Yes, there is always home, isn’t it? Be it physical or in the realms of meta science.

    I like the part that when doing something new, when embracing change, there is always home.

  4. The post just reflected my current state of mind. I was trying out a lot of things last year and realised that I had taken on too much and not able to devote time to all my endeavours. That’s when I one day decided to take it easy and yes, there was home found again and inner peace :)!

  5. Aw I am so touched with what I just read. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message and post. I guess everyone will, at some point, question their self if they’re in the right path but then, that’s the challenge. It’s the path you chose, why not make it the right one? 🙂

  6. I believe in the same truth, it is the truth that some people are having a tough time believing. No matter how harsh the changes are in our lives that flips us over to a different lifestyle, career, or circle of friends, we always have the choice to take a turn back home. This is the reason why I disagree with the people saying ¨do not look back.¨ Our joy is our home.

  7. This was a really inspiring message and one that I think I needed to hear. I really appreciated the line that said you have the power to change your story. Sometimes I think we feel powerless because of circumstances but that is not true. We are the ones that control our destiny. Thanks!

  8. I’d must verify with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a publish that can make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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