A Mantra For Today

A Mantra For Today


On the path that I am on, there is alot of “HOly shit. This needs to work. I have to make this work.

On the day that I wrote this, I just couldn’t seem to figure out (or let go of rather) this worried energy that wasn’t letting up. When I took the moment to pause and just breathe, this mantra came to me.

It’s not that I need to make it happen, it’s already happening! I just need to be aware, and be open. To see the signs, and the light. To be tapped into this higher consciousness and knowing, so that worry can fall away.

However you found this post, or were guided to it, know that The Universe knows what you want and need already. It’s just about timing. You don’t need to freak out, or be forceful of things. Yes, hustle to get to your goals and work and push forward, but do so with the trust that everything will fall into place..

Because it will.

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