Find The Lesson // A Gentle Reminder

Find The Lesson // A Gentle Reminder


In our most trying moments, we must not stress or freak out, we must find the lesson. We must be aware and look deep within. 

Ask yourself “Why is this happening?” Your first reaction may be “I dont know! How could I know?!” Look deeper. A part of you, something within you somewhere knows. 

Keep looking. You will find that place that knows. It will ignite, flip the switch and the light will flash on. 

In our most trying moments, we need to acknowledge our feelings. Move through them, and find the lesson. 

What are you afraid of? 

Find the lesson. 

Why are you feeling this way (what is triggering)?

Find the lesson. 

Why is this happening?

There’s a lesson… find it. 

Always be looking for what is there to learn, always be seeking the lessons.

~Riley Reign

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