How To Banish Self Doubt // My Process

How To Banish Self Doubt // My Process


Look at me, I just love picking these daunting topics, don’t I?

Doubt. We’ve all got it, and it never goes away forever. So what is the best way to deal with doubt? Rather than ignoring its existence as long as we can, or worse; allowing it to hold power over us and limit us. Let’s dive into it then! My process & how I banish self doubt.

Do I know it to be true?
When something comes up that puts me in a doubtful mindset I ask myself this, “Does this hold any truth?” For instance, my teenager brother and his friends often make remarks or judgements on my path and what I am doing. They usually make remarks about me not having a job/blogging isn’t a job, and point out how I don’t have a steady income (yet). When those remarks get under my skin I check in with myself. I ask myself if what is being said holds any truth. The answer is usually no. Since the answer is no, why should I doubt myself because of their judgement? I shouldn’t, so I move on. Doubt = Banished.

Is this self-sabotage?
Other times our doubt is of our own creation. So in my process, to figure out where my doubt is coming from and what it’s worth, I ask myself another question. Is this self-sabotage? Is my ego triggering this because it feels threatened by potential? The ego is not our friend, it likes to feed us limiting beliefs disguised as ‘practical’ observations in attempt to sabotage a likely good thing we had going on. There is a quote by Rebecca Campbell that talks about the ego vs. the intuition, and how the intuition is the kinder of the two voices. Check in with yourself and see if the voice speaking to you is kind or of meaner intent, and see what the kind voice has to say. Follow the kind voice. Doubt = Banished.

Do I actually believe this of myself?
On some occasions we truly feel that our doubtful beliefs are truthful of who we are and what we are capable of.
There is a trick here. Belief is a choice. We may believe something that isn’t true. Ask yourself “Do I really believe this about myself?” Likely the answer will be no. No way I believe that I can’t be a published author and professional artist. So what am I going to do about it? I’m going to ground into that knowing, and I am going to WORK. Not to prove doubt wrong, but to prove my knowing and truth right. Should your answer be yes though, go back to the first question. Does this belief hold any truth?

Negative beliefs systems are almost never valid. Our potential as human beings and spiritual beings is limitless, our capabilities are limitless. You got dreams? Go achieve them. Banishing doubt isn’t a hard thing to do, though it certainly isn’t fun. Be aware of your head space and ask the right questions of yourself and you’ll be busting blocks like a champ.



~Riley Reign

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12 thoughts on “How To Banish Self Doubt // My Process

  1. Riley,

    Doubt occurs when there is lack of belief. Take blogging for instance. Do you believe you can make a good living by blogging? How can you solidify this belief? You make a plan on where you want to go in blogging, and make goals.

    When I am coaching my team, one of the things I like to say is, “Often, the people who you want to help are the same people who will stop you from doing the very things that makes it possible for you to help them.”

    I don’t know how applicable it is to you, but here in the Philippines, family ties are strong. Also, our culture is that we help each other out, and that includes financially.

  2. We all have self doubt, but I have been trying to change that in my life recently. I noticed that we have only one life to live, so do as you want and don’t listen to what others have to say! I think it helps blocking out the bad and only gaining the good. Blogging just started for me, and even though I haven’t made any income, I am on the right path (I hope). Loved reading your post!

  3. You know, this is just the article I needed to read. I have been having a weekend with some struggles from a certain person close to my fiance and it was really annoying. I started to doubt about myself and now I’ve read that I should just ask myself “Do I believe this about me”? It could be my own negativity but this question is also perfect for negative input from others around us. Great post!

    1. So glad this helped you like this, that was the complete intention of the post! I’m glad you have taken this as a new mantra to kick out the bad vibes~

  4. I have had problems with doubts and still do to this day. I believe the enemy attacks us and tells us we can’t do it. He wants us incapacitated and thinking we are incapable of acheiving our dreams. Keep this post on hand when doubt comes knocking again which it will!,

  5. Doubt is human nature. I mean, we cannot be really confident every time. There will always be a time wherein we’ll question our own self on how we do or think about things. But that doesn’t mean we should give in to doubts. I, myself, take doubt as something to help me analyze my actions. Why am I in doubt? Is there something wrong with me? With what I do? So I turn the negativeness of doubt into something positive that can be my strong point.

  6. Your article is just what I need to start my day. I was kinda unmotivated lately because I’m doubting if I can regularly write an article as good as the one I submitted to my editor. Suddenly I felt like I’m not good in writing. You see, I just landed my first writing job (yey! finally earning because of blogging) and sometimes I doubt myself if I really deserve the position.

  7. My mum gave me an advice when sitting a multiple choice exam. She said, “when in doubt, choose C!”. Taking it further, as if its a proverb, I guess it can also mean that when your in doubt, there is more to option A and B, that it can neither be a Yes nor a No. There’s more to it. So when you feel like your unsure, dig deeper as there is another way out. xo

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