You Are Alive // A Gentle Reminder

You Are Alive // A Gentle Reminder


You are a soul, connected to a body.

You are strong and powerful.

With feet to carry you.. Lungs and a beating heart to keep you going for every waking day. You have hands to create with, a brain to think with – what even is thinking??!!! Amazing! That’s what!! –

You have the power to be kind, give love, and forgive. You have a light within you to guide you and shine through,

You are unique. You are powerful. You are beautiful in a million of your very own ways.

You are here. You are breathing. You are potential to be fulfilled.

Your path is one of a kind, where mistakes are okay – nessecary even to learn and grow in mind, body, and soul. So do not be fearful, for you are supported fully.

You Are Alive.

Take a deep breath, and grow taller, stronger, and brighter.

Take risks, be brave. Grab those dreams of yours and own them with all your heart & soul, and run with it.


~Riley Reign

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