Prayer Has No Limits

Prayer Has No Limits


Recently a friend asked me to pray for her, “Hey if you’ve ever believed in a god at all can you just like pray that I pass this mathclass becausethatwouldbegreatthankyousmuch,” she said. Now, I am incredibly close with this friend, in fact she’s an incredible editor when I need any help at all, so I know her well and I know her intention. However this statement isn’t uncommon, “If you believe in god in any way/ if you’ve ever believed in God can you pray for — ”

I’ve got a little problem with this. Who said you had to believe in God to pray? Prayer (n.): 1) a solemn request for help, or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. 2) an earnest hope or wish. Prayer does not have boundaries or limitations. It is a practice that is commonly spiritual, and spirituality isn’t limited to religion or belief in God.

Because of its limitlessness, prayer also comes in different shapes and sizes… and forms. Meditation can be a form of prayer, getting on your knees with hands in prayer and vocalizing your wishes is a form of prayer. Letting go and opening up can be a form of prayer, saying, “This is not working, and so I let it go, and I am open to something new.” is inviting something new, which to me is what prayer is all about. Saying , “I invite and am open to ____.” is all prayer is, varying between scripts and belief systems.

Prayer is a way of putting wishes and wants out into the world just like a mantra or manifestion, for Source/God/The Universe/Creator to respond to. It is a practice, and it is not defined by or limited to religious beliefs or belief in God or the title you choose to give your form/definition of God. Prayer has no boundaries or limits, similarly to meditation. It doesn’t matter who or what you believe in for you to pray (or meditate, or use healing crystals, or get in touch with & understanding of your soul, etc.).

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12 thoughts on “Prayer Has No Limits

  1. I see the power of prayer EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But with that said, I do kind of understand where she was coming from. I do the same thing, make a point to say “If you believe..” but it’s only coming from a place that try’s to let you know that I do not want to seem like I am pushing anything on you. I know many people who don’t believe in any higher power, and when I speak with them about something I would ask believers to pray for, I simply say “Keep your fingers crossed for me while I….”. Great post, and I hope to read more from you soon!

  2. Absolutely loved it. I think it is a great time to be in touch with yourself and also prayers heal. I might not visit temples everywhere but I remember him and that is great

  3. I pray to God to thank him for everything I have. Sometimes, when I am feeling it, I thank him for specific things that happened during the day.

    I know there are people who pray and wish for or ask for something.

    As one who has faith, I believe God wants us to have what we wanted. It’s just that we have to deserve and work hard for it.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I like to enter temples and churches like an objective human. I burn incense in the shrines and stare at the mountains and the clouds. Those are prayers for me.

  5. It is sad when I meet people who finds praying useless, what they failed to realise is that prayer is not asking you of anything but your faith that things will be alright. My dad past away last year and even until now it still hurts that he´s gone. I pray to show my gratitude that my father is no longer suffering and that we, his family learned to move on.

  6. I was involved in a motorcycle accident five years ago. It was one in which I could have very easily died in. I know that I am on earth for a purpose and pray almost every day for God to lead me to that purpose. I spent a year having to go through various forms of physical therapy and prayer was and still is a big part of my life and my healing. I agree prayer has no limits. Sometimes my prayers calm me, focus me or comfort me. They ask or they thank. Prayer has no limits, there is no right way, there is no wrong way.

  7. I love this post, you’re right prayer is not limited to those who follow religion or believe in a higher power. I’m not a believer in God but I do enjoy a little meditation now and then. I set myself goals and think about what I want to achieve that week or day. I find even though this isn’t a conventional prayer it gets me through my day!

    1. Yes! This is exactly what I intended with this post, though some seem to have missed the point. Hehe! Prayer is unconventional, and it’s tailored to each person in a number of ways.

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