How To Know When You’re On The Right Path

How To Know When You’re On The Right Path


On one of Spirit & Soul’s recent posts, There Is Always A Way Back Home, I received a beautiful question from fellow blogger Sabine of She commented and begged the question, “Please tell me how! I know this is so true. It’s just hard sometimes to know you’re in the right direction.. How do you recognize it that you’re on the right path? Who will tell?” The moment I read this comment I knew I had to write a piece specifically on this topic. So here I’ve strung together the simplest, most powerful tools for knowing when you are on the right path. Hint: it’s got a lot to do with being in tune with your intuition/inner self/higher self.

***NOTE: In this post I will be using terms like inner self, higher self, and intuition quite a bit. So if that’s not your vibe, or philosophies like this upset you and don’t resonate with you I would click away now. As much as we want traffic and readers here at Spirit & Soul, we want authentic and genuine fans more than anything, so with complete compassion and light being sent to you, I ask that if this post isn’t the answer you were hoping for please click away now… close this tab and go find something that is more worth both of our time. ***

If you want to know if anything is right for you, you have to invest in your intuition. You’ve got to tune in to the niggle and listen to it trustfully.

Everyone has an intuition, and an incredibly powerful one should you choose to tune into it. If you can’t hear your higher intuitive self, or aren’t sure how to know what your inner self is, pay close attention to your thoughts. One inner voice is more logical, this voice is likely to say things like, “That sounds nice, but this is safer. And others would be judgey if you took that other option. Just do what you’re supposed to.” While the other inner voice is more heart centered and goes off of feelings, this voice is likely to say things like, “Follow your bliss, follow your magic. You’re so powerful and amazing, take the risk that feels good. Who cares what they think, so long as you are proud.” The first voice is your Ego, it comes from a place of scarcity, and wants you to play it safe and be little. And that second voice, that second voice is your new best friend. The second voice is your Intuition, it is in touch with your soul and Source/God/The Universe, and it will take you on the most amazing, beautiful, knowledgable adventures of growth and creativity.

Your Intuition starts out very quiet, shy, and gentle. That’s why it can be overshadowed by the Ego voice for so long. Invest in your intuition, the more you listen the louder it will get. It will go from a shy niggle to a confident affirmation. The Intuition is best accountability partner there is, because you’ll know when you’re about to second guess yourself and your intuition will pull you back into alignment.

If/when I come to a crossroads I tune into myself. I ask myself questions like, “Does this option light me up, or dull my enthusiasm?”, “Physically does this make me feel expansive and powerful? Or will this make me feel small and claustrophobic?” When something is right for me I get a full-bodied yes. Every cell feels energized, radiant, excited, and empowered. And when something is out of alignment for me and my soul path, when something is off the course of me fulfilling my Soul Contract, I feel unsure and torn. I have a harder time finding clarity on my answer and the possibility physically feels off.

To grow your intuition and strengthen it you have to listen to it, acknowledge it. When you choose your higher knowing over your Ego your Ego will get defensive and this is where most get confused and things get blurry. That is where we give in and take the easier (but much less fulfilling) path. The Ego lists all of the reasons it could go wrong and why it is risky in the eyes of society, trying to reel you back in, and we get scared and confused and give in. Your Intuition is in there somewhere, saying “Be quiet, you know where you truly need to be. Tune in. Follow the bliss.”

Trust what feels right, no matter the ‘risk’. To quiet the Ego you must trust in your Intuition wholeheartedly.

I hope this helps some navigate their paths better, and tune into their Intuitions better. Sabine, I hope I answered your question further. Feel free to comment and share your experience, and let us know how/if this post helped you!

~Riley Reign


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19 thoughts on “How To Know When You’re On The Right Path

  1. So true. How many times I didn’t listen to that voice I can’t even tell you. Once I realized also that you get back what you give out to the Universe it changed my life,

  2. Wow! I like how you were able to clearly break it down. I loved the quote, “If it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no. I think I second guess myself in life when I should not overthink it.

  3. Iam a great believer of intuition is always right about people and situations …..if i dont feel comfortable around certain people or situations( nt that they have done anything wrong) i just maintain a distance and time and again Ibhave been proved right..

  4. Oh my God, thank you! I am so surprised by reading this. This made my day, you know that? This is something I’ve been struggling for a long time with.
    Your answer is perfect, it’s me that finds it hard to connect with my path sometimes because my ego has a big impact in my life. My daughters birth made me connect with me again much more. After her death, I find it hard to do so again myself. It’s so empty and hard without her still. Even though, I count my blessings and be happy with my life, it’s her that was my greatest joy.

    1. While I haven’t experienced anything like what you have gone through, I can understand how you are feeling, and I can assure you that your daughter is with you. You are never without her and I can feel how proud she is of you. Namaste, beautiful!!!

  5. I read your post about Sabine’s question and her reply too. I can’t imagine the loss she has undergone. I hope she does find her answer in this post.

  6. What an amazing post !!! Enjoyed a brilliant reading , bookmarked for now ! Will be back for more , absolutely ! The style of your site is very inviting aswell , great job !

  7. Intuition. So when we do things and it seems oh so right, does it mean we are on the right path? Morally and ethically, if it is, then I suppose so, right?

  8. I unconsciously did a multitasking just a few minutes ago: examining my self/inner being, and reading this article. Lol. I’ve always had a strong intuition, as per myself, and i definitely agree with what you said that if it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no. Thanks for this amazing post!

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