I am a Healer, but I can’t heal anyone

I am a Healer, but I can’t heal anyone


Of the many things I am within the simple complexity of my soul I am a Healer. I am a Mystic. I am a Intuitive. I am Indigo. I am an Artist. I am a Writer. I am a Warrior. I am a Lightworker. I am a Healer.

I am a Healer, but I cannot heal anyone. This is a statement that I feel is so important for all of us spiritual mystic Healers to learn and accept. My mission may be to Awaken, but I can only inspire awakening. The awakening, healing, growth, expansion, etc. that is a choice you have to make wholeheartedly for yourself.I can’t do that for you, I can only have inspired it. I can only say or do something that will resonate with you and inspire you in the way you need. Hopefully I am successful in my efforts (i.e. this entire blog).

I am a Healer, but I cannot heal anyone. I am simply a channel through which you can find healing. In words, in art, in an inspired flip of perspective. I have the power to heal, but I cannot make you open to, wanting of, or accepting of healing. That’s on you, Babe. I can create works of healing intention + light dripping energy, but that cannot heal or help the world if the world does not want it. (***side bar** I am incredibly grateful to my beloved readers for wanting more of Spirit + Soul and my work, and for the support I have continuously received from the Divine. ***fin.***) Everyone has their own sh*t, and will find their openness and healing in their own divinely perfect timing, at their own pace.

I am a Healer, but I cannot heal anyone. To heal is a personal choice, one that has to be wanted wholeheartedly. To heal is to work through the darkness, move through it and correct the negativity within it. Transmute the negativity. To heal takes courage, bravery, and will. I can offer healing, I can have healing intentions, and I can shine my light. However, that will not make me get anywhere, all of that healing needs to be needed. We can be healers, but we cannot just heal, openness is vital to any kind of healing.

~Riley Reign


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