Trust // A Gentle Reminder

Trust // A Gentle Reminder


I know you’re scared, terrified.
I also know you know deep down that you can fucking do this.
Just Trust
I know that you don’t really know (even though you do)
Just Trust
You know what you need to do, and you know you do.
So just Trust
Others can disagree or see differently, and it may hurt sometimes
But you, my darling, you are not an other
You know your truth
Keep Trusting


~Riley Reign

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13 thoughts on “Trust // A Gentle Reminder

  1. I’ve got trust issues. Not in my ability but from people around me. I’ve been hurt, betrayed, used and abused a lot of times by people and sometimes it’s just so difficult to trust anymore. I’m always cautious and worried they’ll take advantage of me, or disappoint me.

  2. I guess the key towards a healthy relationship is to establish trust towards each other… unfortunately, not every couple has this thing especially if they got past experiences including betrayals which made it hard for them to earn the trust they used to have!

  3. To be honest, after a long week of work and some though decisions to make until monday, this was definitely something I needed to read. Thank you for your post.

  4. This is a really amazing & powerful poem! You can relate to many situations, I’m currently trying to get myself fit and healthy so I may print this off and put it by my mirror in the morning and read it before my workout to remind myself I can do it, just trust myself to keep going! Beautiful words!

  5. Love the poem, minus a few curse words. I love the overall gist of it. If we learn to trust in each other and put our faith in others, the world would be a better place.

  6. It’s so obvious that self-trust is an important element to personal development. I think this is an absolutely important, doing anything out of fear will not lead to good results.

  7. If we all in the humanity believed in trust, everything would be so fine.Unfortunately, while we keep tabs on fiscal and budgetary deficits, the trust deficit does not get addressed.

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