New Series! Finding Myself // An Introduction

New Series! Finding Myself // An Introduction


I am so excited for this announcement you guys have no idea!

Finding Myself is a new series that Spirit & Soul is launching this late March!
As a self-proclaimed professional observer I have seen a common thread among people both my age, and all ages truly, that I want to address, and heal if I can inspire such a thing. That is what Finding Myself will be about. A big part of my mission is to show how completely in reach and doable our dreams and passions are. I see so many my age (18 — and an array of other ages) go through the “socially acceptable + smart” list of things throughout ones life, and they are unfulfilled. High School > Job > College for something that will make nice money, and make family happy, but isn’t nearly inspiring or fulfilling to the being actually doing it > Unfulfilled fire in one’s belly to create and do amazing things. In very short, this is living by default.

It’s easy to do when you don’t want to find yourself and get into the nitty gritty with your soul. It’s easy to do when everyone around you is telling you its the right thing and your souls cries become heavily outnumbered and confusing. It squashes ones confidence in creating, and in my so far short life it is the saddest thing I have ever watched. And I watch it repeatedly. My friends have dreams and passions but they are tied to their jobs and the future of ‘making nice money to do the fun things and get by’. It breaks my heart.

I have swam against this stream for as long as I can remember. I chose when I was 13 that I would never wear a mask to please others. I am committed to authenticity, and have been for a very long time. I decided when I was 17 that I wasn’t going to get a job, and that I was going to devote myself to the discovery of myself and doing only that which I loved and felt called to do. Before you call me naive I should tell you that I know I am a little crazy and that my choices are daring ones. I’m super cool with that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect everyone to do that, or to want to do that either. I have been incredibly fortunate to have such an open and supportive family who have allowed me to follow this path and see where it takes me, despite their concerns. 😉

In a conversation that came up out of no-where over Christmas of last year, my grandfather (someone who I love and respect and adore so dearly) told me that I was doing this extraordinary thing, and that my blog was my platform to show people how possible it was. I had always kind of known that I would write about my life at some point, but I never really thought about how or when or where. I can tell you that I didn’t think the form it would take would be the blog, and I didn’t think I would write about it as it was happening. In that Christmas conversation it clicked. Why think about this book I may write in 20 years when I can write as I go, right now, and share anything and everything I can.

I have taken the last 2 years to discover myself, and get heavily in tune with my soul. I am now devoting myself to creating a business from my passion, while continuing to learn daily. Alot of people may not want to do something like taking 2 years to explore themselves purely because they don’t know how, and that can be scary. It’s a weird journey and it’s different for everyone. I’ve now done it as much as I possibly can so far, and I’ve gotten a pretty good grip on how to navigate the learning of the lessons. I have stepped into the truest form of myself wholeheartedly, and it is working out beautifully.

So, I would like to welcome a new Spirit & Soul series, Finding Myself (should we change the name to Finding Oneself? Let me know in the comments! I would love your input). In the duration of this series (honestly it may go on forever, we’ll see) I will go over topics I feel called to write, and some suggested topics, on the journey of finding oneself. I will share my experiences and perspectives on what may need to change, and how to gain clarity + understanding throughout the process. I am on the other side of the woods that are the beginning and I am so happy with where I am, and I’m proud of myself. I wish that others my age had the tools , perspective, and belief in themselves to do amazing things for the world + themselves + the evolution of their souls. So I am here with this series to do my best to teach, share, and help in anyway I can.

For a minute this blog and it being successful was about me proving that my path wasn’t insane or naive and it was more than possible. That has changed, it’s not about proving anything. It’s about doing it because I want to and I know I can, and the message at the end (and throughout) is going to be powerful. So instead of forcing this proof through success, I am going to show you it is possible, and share with you how and why.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for this new series. I would love for you to suggest topics + Q’s for me to A in the comments below! We start in 2 weeks (March 23rd, 2016) and I will be taking suggestions throughout. I want this to be a big collaborative session with as much Q+A as possible. If you are interested in this series and want to get it delivered straight to your email, please click here to sign up for the Finding Myself updates!

~Riley Reign

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12 thoughts on “New Series! Finding Myself // An Introduction

  1. This is a good move on your part. I started blogging out of hobby, just so I document my experiences. But as more people tell me how they get information and encouragement from my blog, I realized that it’s a platform that can serve others. I somehow observed the same as you pointed out here that, in our society, we exist by default because we wake up day by day just to earn, and we never get to do what matters the most that can fully satisfy our inner hunger, and it’s sad. I have gotten out of that mold and now lives my life the way a lot of people do not expect me to be. Still, I’m happy and I find inner peace and joy with that. Your blog can inspire more people with this new series.

  2. I love how you found your passion and now you are able to find a platform to share it with others. The inspiration is powerful. I like Finding Myself or Finding Yourself but I think it would all work with what you are trying to do.

  3. Good luck with your project! I remember when I was 18 and how big dreams and aspirations I had. I was lucky in my life though and I am in a position where I can still fulfill my dreams but also be realist and support myself so that I live a decent life with everything I need. I am making small steps, I am not like others either. I do think that my dreams are important and that my freedom has to have a space in my adult life. In my mind I maybe still be 18. I think I am the last person that I know that doesn’t have a drivers license yet and the only one that at my age thinks its perfectly acceptable to ride a bike as a main transportation option, eat cereals for dinner in bed or simply spend the weekend watching a whole series on my laptop.

  4. I say leave the name as is because it’s going to be about your own path (right?). Good for you. I feel like when I was young I fell into doing what I was told I should do instead of what I really had a passion for. Now here is am 36 trying to get back to the things I love and sad I let a lot of good years pass me by. Find yourself! And have a lot of fun doing it!

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  6. “A big part of my mission is to show how completely in reach and doable our dreams and passions are..” – this is a wonderful mission for you to do, dear. Right now my passion project is my travel blog which is a combination of the 2 things I love- writing and photography. I am definitely looking forward for this!!! 🙂

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  8. I’m so happy for you! I think i like Finding Oneself more. I like people who choose not to follow traditional school – college – job path, although it actually has a lot of positive things if you look it from certain angle like i do (for example, without my literature classes, i’m sure i wouldn’t discover some amazing books).

  9. I think this is something lots of millennials can do. Because the world offers a lot of choices of who they must be. I have undergone the same when I was much younger.

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