It Does Not Matter Who Is Watching // Finding Myself

It Does Not Matter Who Is Watching // Finding Myself


I want to start this series off in a big way, and still keep it simple. I think this post is the way to do that. In this series I want to help other bust through their own blocks as well as encourage them to jump for their dreams, to grasp them. They are always much closer in reach than we think. One thing I have noticed that holds people back from finding their truth, really getting in touch with their essence, passions, and purpose is fear of judgement. “What will others think?”, “What if they’re not supportive?”, “What if people don’t get it?”, etc. I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine…. It doesn’t matter who is watching.

It doesn’t matter because truthfully no one is watching you as much as you think. Everyone is too focused on their own little bubbles to care about what you are doing with yours. And if people are up in your business being judgemental remember this: Hurt people hurt people. Whatever someone else projects onto you is their own issue, not yours. It’s their own mess. Not yours. There is no need to tale anything personally or give anything power once you learn that simple truth.

So go on, no one is watching you as much as you may think/feel. Make your magic. Find yourself. Do the great work you were put on this Earth. Go where you are called. Show up. Feel the fear and do it all anyway. Expand into the bigness. Stay humble + kind along the way. Own You. Be poetic or be blunt, be gentle and strong. Be open and accepting of Abundance. Give back when you can.

Do your thing! No one will mind your making of magic, darling.
Make your magic diligently and quietly. Your successes will make all the noise you need. “If you build it they will come.” – Field of Dreams. If you build it they will come.And the ones who show up for you will get it.

If you’ve got a great work to do, put your head down and get going. You can worry about others opinions later, and perhaps when later comes those opinions won’t matter.

That’s it for the first post in the Finding Myself Series! I hope you enjoyed. Please do leave a comment and suggest a topic for me to cover with this series. Give me a Q to A!

~Riley Reign


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