Open Up // A Gentle Reminder

Open Up // A Gentle Reminder


Open up
Allow yourself to bloom
Do not be little
Break into a million pieces
Put yourself back together
Take a new form
Light yourself up
Be passionate
Open up


~Riley Reign



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13 thoughts on “Open Up // A Gentle Reminder

  1. Riley, that was beautiful! I really liked where you said break in pieces and then put yourself together again in a new form. It is so true that you will be broken over and over again. You can either stay broken or you can take that opportunity to rebuild and become better.

  2. I used to compose poems before in high school and in college. I also love reading poems and even collected a number of books about it and even song composition. Now, I see my son composing some poems and songs. He uses his guitar and it’s such a refreshing sight to behold. Yours is simple yet full of meaning and life. It tells me to act. And after reading your composition, I felt a sweet smile on my lips. Thank you.

  3. Whenever I find myself in a place or situation that is somehow not meeting my expectations in terms of my goals, I always tell myself, “bloom where you are planted” and your article once again reminded me of my motivational mantra.

  4. This was such a beautiful reminder that I needed today.

    I am my own worst critic and I’ve been beating myself up about my photograph skills rather than enjoy the moment, and as you said ‘bloom’ organically.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Break into a million pieces is just beautiful. But why father I self back again, just lie there and enjoy the pain

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