Anything That Isn’t Working is a Reflection of Me

Anything That Isn’t Working is a Reflection of Me



“The things we dislike in others are the things we dislike in ourselves.” (maybe I butchered that, feel free to call me out on it or correct me in the comments), “The things that aren’t working in our lives are a reflection of us.” Relationships, business, our spiritual/religious life, our life in general. Any interaction with our outside and inside worlds reflect us, who we are, where we are, and what we need to work on.

This is a big pill to swallow, I know. And like any other spiritual practice or act of mindfulness, it is a practice and a process. One that like many others, seems endless.

When I am feeling like my views here on the blog are low I don’t think, “Why is my blog not getting views? Why is my content not doing well?” I think, “What am I missing? What is this trying to show me? Where can I work better, smarter, and/or more powerfully?” When I am having problems or am unhappy with friends I don’t blame them or complain (okay maybe I do complain a little bit, I’m not any kind of saint), I look at the situation from a more open + nonjudgemental perspective. I try to do that within everything in my life. (But again, I am not perfect, it is a process, and sometimes we slip up more than we would like to).

Before we blame, judge, and give others actions power over our emotions, energy levels, and reactions we should step back and look at how the situation is reflective of our own life. Where we are right now. Before we get all twisted about others actions or ways of showing up (possibly lack there of), before we take things personally or jump to conclusions, we should take a step back. Take a breath. Cleanse our own opinions and inhibitions, and really look deeper into what is in front of us. Step back, Find The Lesson.

Ego, opinion, judgement, blame, tension, negative + closed off energy are all in your head. Move into our heart space, heart center. Find your compassion, understanding, optimism + open-ness. Remain there as long as you can, cool, calm, and collected. Know that if you ever leave you can always come back.

~Riley Reign


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12 thoughts on “Anything That Isn’t Working is a Reflection of Me

  1. Ooh! I got chills. I needed the reminder to step back and find the lesson. I love the way you really delve into thinking about how you act and how you are and to evaluate why you do those things. It is better to go introspective rather than blame other people or look at their actions.

  2. One of the things being drummed into my head was 0% blame and taking responsibility. No matter how I feel about other people not doing what they were supposed to do, for example, it’s all up to me.

  3. I love this blog post !!

    I totally agree. When people start accepting that the issues is possibly something within themselves they will start to see change and break patterns.

  4. Everytime something not favorable or untoward happens to me, I always ask myself or introspect, if there is something that I did that caused it. While it’s easy to put the blame on other people, we should always be in touch with reality — the truth that things happen 2 way, cause and effect. We should learn to face the mirror and assess ourselves.

  5. what a thought provoking post.. i think it is really all about acceptance and how are you going to deal with it…. instead of focusing on negative things, it would be ideal to find the positive side

  6. A lot of truth in your post ! You are so right , how often do we blame others , blame life , blame whatever .. instead of starting with ourselves ! I believe , to come to that conclusion , it takes some years of life experience and disputes with your ego . It is a great advice and reminder for the ‘younger ones’ , a lot depends on your attitude and on yourself ! Thanks for this great piece of reading !

  7. Thank you for reminding me to think,m and analyze myself before doing any action that at maybe at the end of day will hurt me. I love this article. Its allowing me to reflect, remind me
    To be cool and calm and to avoid throwing negativity to others.

  8. In one way I agree completely. I hate it when people just blame others, especially for their own mistakes. But sometimes, when you don’t get views, it’s not YOU either! Or when you do something that isn’t appreciated, it CAN be that you’re just surrounded by a lot of idiots that doesn’t appreciate your worth. Simply not have the same level and understanding as you and that can be super annoying and frustrating. However, never start to blame yourself when others can’t see your beauty (inside or out).

  9. I find this one as “positive”. Learning from your flaws or shortcomings will make you better. And eventually, you’ll find contentment on what you are doing. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. You’re right. Whenever I feel negative feelings, I try to take a step back to find what I’m missing or doing wrong so I could course correct. I used to be very impulsive with my words and actions (and totally unapologetic about it). But now, I’m learning how to become a better version of myslef by looking within myself. Like you said “Whatever is not working is a reflection of ourselves. In any and all aspects of Life.” =)

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