You Cannot Lose Yourself // A Gentle Reminder

You Cannot Lose Yourself // A Gentle Reminder

We think that when we can’t seem to find our way in this lifetime that we are losing ourselves.
Or that we have lost ourselves.
We can never lose ourselves
We can only lose our sense of self.
When the pressures of the world feel too much our focus gets scattered.
Understandably so.
Our stressors and scarcity mindsets trigger, and our vision gets muddled.
We lose our sense of self. Become unbalanced.
What we seem to keep forgetting though is that we can regain our balance, rather easily and quickly.
You are always with yourself at the core of you, your identity, your truths, your passions will always be with you,
They will always be there to come back to.
To ground into.
You were born with your purpose, and your intuition as your compass.
You cannot lose yourself, because when it comes down to it you are always with yourself.
If you feel lost go within, meet yourself t a nice coffee shop, have a chat and catch up.
Reminde yourself of your goals, you visions, and dreams
Move forward with clarity and assurance regained.
You cannot lose yourself
Remember your greatness, magic, and potential.
Your magnificence and light
Go out into the world and own that, claim that,
Be all of that and more.

~Riley Reign

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16 thoughts on “You Cannot Lose Yourself // A Gentle Reminder

  1. Hi Riley,

    Many people feel that they lose themselves while they try to fit in the society. Instead of embracing their uniqueness, it is safer for them to just blend in and be accepted. It is so true, it is just a sense that they are lost because a journey inward can always gives them answers. Thank you for this great post!


  2. A very touching wonderful piece of reading , makes you think ! I think , we have to go through ‘losing ourselves’ a few times to be able to ‘find’ our real sense of self . A really thoughtful post !

  3. I’ve been feeling that I’m lost lately and I don’t know what to do with my life. I also don’t know if I excel at anything. Very timely. Thanks a lot for this!

  4. Losing sense of self I believe is brought about by not knowing one’s own purpose. I can only say that until you find your purpose, then losing one’s self is not the only thing that happens. It could also lead to unhappiness, emptiness, etc.

  5. I absolutely adore each and every one of your insightful posts! They really have a profound effect of me that make me think and consider where I am in my own journey, thank you!

    I’ve subscribed to your channel. I am looking forward to more of your posts!

  6. Kind of meaningful. I sometimes feel like im losing myself too.. but there will come a time or a person that will help you find yourself. Its okay though to lose your sense of self from time to time because that’s where you see the world and yourself in a different perspective.

  7. Yes I think we all sometimes can feel lost. But hey, that’s ok. It’s part of being human. I think we can never loose ourselves like you said. You’re always there, hidden behind the mask maybe. But you’re always there!

  8. I once read that you need to be with a bad man once in order for you to know who a good man is. Same is true perhaps on your poem. We need to be lost somehow in order to find ourselves and Regain strength, power and renewed confidence.

  9. I think you can only lose your sense of self when you aren’t being true to yourself. I think that you need to be who you are and live the way that you feel you should and not hold yourself to standards that aren’t reasonable. Then you can connect with yourself and really be who you are.

  10. I needed this post, I’ve been feeling lost but this definitely inspired me a lot. It’s true “We can only lose our sense of self.” Thanks a lot for writing.

  11. Having no goal in life, and just going on in the routine of work and home can really contribute to the loss of our sense of self. This is why it’s very important to have a date with yourself once in a while, to grab a cup of coffee or tea and treat oneself, or do what you really want to do. Like for myself, hiking let me give myself a retreat and I got a chance to reflect, and also let me see that I am still with myself. 🙂

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