Remembering To Catch Our Breath

Remembering To Catch Our Breath

Remembering To Catch Our Breath from The Spirit & Soul Blog

The simplest things seem to ignite a wildfire of inspiration in  my heart + mind. This time around, it was a 5 minute facebook livestream from one of my alltime favorites, Gabrielle Bernstein (Gabby B). You can see the video replay here. In the video Gabby talks about not being able to catch a breath, something I think all of us feel we can relate to, she goes on to share her favorite tool to get back to her breath and I was so inspired I felt compelled to share with my readers.

We’ve all got our hustle + bustle, we can get all too wrapped up in it too. Think about it, when was the last time you really caught a breath. A moment to sit and breathe, just breathe. Be with yourself. Do you remember? I didn’t, all I knew was that it had been far too long. Our breath is our life force in physical form, and I have a feeling we tend to take it for granted at times. I can tell you that I do.

Some say that the little things are actually the big things, I tend to agree. Something so small + simple as breathing is simultaneously the thing most responsible for our existing. We don’t even think about it most days. We are more focused on our to-do lists, upcoming meetings, and manifesting our life plans than we are aware and grateful of what is allowing us this experience called Life.

Today I challenge anyone who is reading this to go watch Gabby’s short video and put her simple tool into use for the day, or week if you’re feeling bold. Remember your breath, remember to experience it everyday, wholly. Please come back and share your experience, any lessons you learned or realizations you may have had in the comments. I would love to hear our experiences + perspectives!

~Riley Reign



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10 thoughts on “Remembering To Catch Our Breath

  1. You have such an amazing and inspirational posts. I love reading it. I never knew Gabby before, she is a great speaker I checked her live stream. Thank you a lot for suggesting it.

  2. I’m so grateful I read your post!

    I’ve never heard of Gabby but I adored watching her video and viewing her breathing tips. I have a high-stress job that I sometimes ‘wear’ in my shoulders. This tip would be a fast, quick solution for when I’m sitting at my desk!

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. This is the good side of comment exchange. You get to read post and learn from others in the process. I am not mindful of my breathing until I read about it. Yes, its very essential for me to live but more often than not, I take it for granted.

    It feels good to be mindful once in a while and just enjoy the moment.. Feel the moment. this exercise made me appreciate life even more. Thank you.

  4. There are actually breathing techniques that will help you in different situations. I am always using one when I fly, to calm down, as I hate taking off and turbulence. When my heart just starts to race over, I start breathing deeply, pushing my hand into my stern. It always helps.
    I was in Mallorca a few days ago, when I discovered this beautiful empty beach. I stayed there for an hour, on the rocks, just breathing and enjoying the scenery, without any distractions but the sound of the sea. It was amazing!

  5. I never knew her until now. I watched her vid and tried it myself. It was indeed relaxing. I should remember this method when I’m stressed. LOL. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. Breathing right is so important. Breathing enough in between stress moments too. When you don’t breathe right when you eat for example, you can get air in your stomach, causing burps and a blown up feeling in your stomach. So to breathe right during food is also important. I love to inhale deep when I’m busy. And relieve some stress after. I don’t know how it works, but breathing really helps with stress relieving.

  7. There are two reasons to take a few minutes to do breathing exercises. Physiologically, breathing exercise allows the body to utilize more oxygen. Shallow breathers often lacks optimal oxygen especially in the brain. Secondly, breathing exercises is a break from routine, a moment to pause before plunging in again.

  8. What a lovely , inspiring post . Yes , you are absolutely right . Now and again sit down , let go and just be still and breathe . Enjoy a lovely sunset , a stunning view , or just a moment of peace . I look at it like charging my batteries . It is very easy to realize with very little to no effort , yet gives you so much energy back . Loved the video , seen that before , thanks for sharing .

  9. I learned about breathing exercises when I tried yoga. I’m guilty of bad breathing habits especially during stressful moments. That includes dealing with difficult situations or in the middle of exercises. I’m not sure why I have it, but it takes a lot of conscious effort for me to remove the habit. I’m still working on it, but I already improved by taking deep breaths when faced with stressful situations. It also helps me clear my head, so my decisions are more rational 🙂

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