5 Tips To Know For Your First Crystal Shopping Trip

5 Tips To Know For Your First Crystal Shopping Trip

Many ‘New Age’ and holistic healing tools are currently growing in popularity, and I am so elated about it! Though, with these ‘new’ remedies coming up, there is some education involved, and that can scare some people away. As your resident Mystic who knows what there is to know about healing crystals + stones I can say that it is kind of upsetting that stereotypes and information overload (or sometimes lack there of) are scaring people away so easily.


Your well being. The best part is that it is so much easier to do than  many think! Let me bust a few myths real quickly before we get to the shopping tips. Myth 1) You have to be super spiritual and granola to use healing crystals. NOPE! All you need to work with the stones is a body to work with the stones with. Belief in the healing properties of Mama Earth + Nature may help the manifestation of healing, but it is not necessary as far as I am concerned. The stones do their work either way. Myth 2) You have to know how the healing crystals effect your mind + body. NOPE! *All you need is the knowing that they make you feel good, more centered. No one needs to know how crystals + stones effect the person unless they want to (and that is an incredibly simple google search). 3) You have to know about chakras and believe in Woo-Woo to work with crystals. NOPE! See * at myth #2.

You don’t need to be incredibly knowledgable about these tools to start. Just start! To prepare you for your first crystal hunting trip I’ve got 5 tips ready to get you started on the right foot, to ensure you have a nice experience. These tips include some basic knowledge on how to pick your stones, and know what is right for you.


When choosing healing stones, trust your intuition. At all times, no matter what. If you’re drawn to something in any way you’re body + spirit are telling you that you need it. Be open throughout the process, and trust your intuition.


I know from experience, these beauties are so amazing you can get a little carried away. Dare I say… slightly addicted. You may find yourself drooling over and drawn to everything, but your wallet/bank account may not be as cool with that as you are. So set a loose budget before hand, just incase. You can land a little under budget, or a little over budget and not feel too bad.


Sometimes metaphysical stores (go to a store, do not buy stones online. I repeat, go to a store! Do not buy your stones online!) will highlight a healing property or meaning under the title of the stone you are choosing, however the stones have many many healing properties and meanings, so look them up. Get a deeper understanding of what you have been drawn to. The shop you’re at should have one of many incredibly knowledgable books on the topic that you can use. Or a quick google search will do.


If you come across a stone that instantly turns you off, you likely need it. Need is a key word here. Now, I know that’s a kind of confusing sentence, I know. Allow me to explain. If you feel resistant to a stone, you need it. There is a mental or emotional block within you that your ego doesn’t want to deal with, and this stone can help you through that lesson. It has some sage wisdom to teach you.


You may find yourself drawn to a healing stone that has a key phrase noted as it’s healing property that is over your head, intimidating, or is something you don’t quite understand. Do not let this alter your perception, please. Acknowledge it and move on. 2 things to remember in this situation are tip #3, look up other meanings, it may not be that you need to connect with your spirit guides but rather you need to work on communication in general, and #1 you were guided to this stone, trust your intuition. There is no need to freak out! Go with the flow. Your intuition may be drawing you closer to your soul + potential. If you truly feel that you’re not ready to work with a stone, you can pass this time around. There is a difference between ready and wanting though. You could not want to work through something but be totally ready. Be mindful of that and honor where you are, go at your own pace.

Those are my top 5 tips! Enjoy the adventure! Go with the flow and be open wholeheartedly. I hope these tips help you in your journey and lead you to the right stones for you.

~Riley Reign


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6 thoughts on “5 Tips To Know For Your First Crystal Shopping Trip

  1. Wow Riley, such a deep post again. I’m very interested in stones and once I went to a spiritual even where they had stones. I helt one and my hand started to flow energy. I could feel it, but I didn’t know what it meant. Then the stone became heavier and I got annoyed from it. I didn’t dare to buy it because I had the fear you described plus I thought it was bad for me because it felt bad. I was very dizzy afterwards. So my experience didn’t feel good, but maybe I needed this like you wrote? http://www.sofarsosabine.com

    1. Perhaps, yes. It sounds to me though like you are what is called energetically sensitive. The stones healing properties could have related to something big you need healing with as well. I have had some ‘uncomfortable’ experiences with crystal energy, but I’ve found that it’s only ever been me afraid of my own connection that makes it a ‘negative’ experience. I love to hear that you had such a powerful connection!

  2. I haven’t really explored the world of crystals or stones nor have I studied how they would be of some use in my life. But I have always been an open-minded person so I want to give this a try.

    May I ask by the way which crystal or stone is great for finding love, or at least so that I would become more open to receive it. I know I may sound funny but it’s one aspect in life that I’m not really good at.

  3. I don’t know anything about healing stones so this is all totally new for me. It is interesting to see what a process that this is and how you go about doing it. I am intrigued by the stone that you said you instantly are turned off by it means you need it. I find that in life when I am annoyed by something that there is a block there that I don’t want to admit that I should change.

  4. I do believe in ‘healing tools’ , but what really astonishes me is the part where you explain the NEED of just that stone , that might turn you off most . I have got a few stones , most of them are rose quartz in different shapes . But just because I think they are so pretty I bought them . I should do some research on that topic and find out what my stones are meant to be for .

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