Living From Heart Center

Living From Heart Center


It is not easy, this living from Heart center thing. What does it mean to live from heart center? A lot. I am learning, and it is for sure a process + practice.


To live from heart center means to follow you heart, where your intuition lies, to know when to get out of your own head and get back to your calm + centered clarity.
To live from heart center means to hold compassion + understanding, to practice non judgement.
To live from heart center means to follow your heart. Its bliss, its calls, its joy, and its protective boundaries.
To live from heart center is to be mindful.
To live from heart center is to always come from a space of light, compassion, and calm.

I certainly am not perfect, and I most definitely do not always come from the space of my heart’s center + compassion, however a practice is a practice for a reason. It is a process of learning, fine tuning, being open, being willing to catch yourself, and growing like any other. The awareness and lessons that come from it though are so very powerful.

I challenge anyone reading this to do your best and live from heart center this week if you dare. Get in touch with that space, what it means and what it feels like. Notice how your mindset, perspective, and energy shifts. You may find there is so much going on in your life that is unnecessary, you may find a much kinder way of going about things in your day to day. You may catch yourself catch up in the avalanche of your thoughts and remember, “I need to go back to my heart,” and find more peace with everything.


Hold awareness, be mindful, compassionate, and have understanding.

~Riley Reign


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