Finding Balance in The Letting It Happen & Making It Happen

Finding Balance in The Letting It Happen & Making It Happen

Ariana Huffington has this saying that I have purposefully pinned at the forefront of my mind since the first time I heard it.

Ariana huffington quote

I believe in balance, both in finding it and creating it. Sometimes balance is given to us, sometimes we subconsciously create it, sometimes we very consciously create it. We may have all noticed at some point within our lives that there is a fine balance between making it happen, and letting it happen (by whatever Divine power you choose to believe in). I have always been the ‘Make It Happen’ kind of chick, by determination and sheer will. My friends used to have me do all of the planning and asking for things because I seemed to be the only one who could make it happen. I was the one who made it happen (98% of the time 😉 .

Simultaneously I wasn’t that attached to the outcome and was totally cool when something didn’t happen. It was the way by which something was denied that was heavily aggravating at the time. I have begun to learn to dance with Life though. More flexibly and closely. It is a beautiful, mystical thing let me tell you. Learning how to dance and flow with the Divine, in rhythmic, artistic collaboration. Learning when to let things happen and be open, and learning when to make things happen and go after something. When to put your head down and get the fuck to work, and when to stretch your arms out wide and allow The Universe, The Divine, to do Her thang.

When I am working too hard + fast + seriously (this is when I burn out) I recognize the imbalance and shift my focus to stepping back and reaching my arms out. When I’ve had my arms outstretched for longer than pleasant and my arms have grown tired I switch my focus to, “How badly do I want this, and what do I need to do to get it?” and I put my head down and do the work that needs to be done.

Sometimes we are magnetic and attract all of our wishes and desires, sometimes we get caught up in our own hustle, becoming a tornado of ‘make it happen’ and we begin deflecting some really great things that The Divine is trying to gift us. It is up to us to find our balance + rhythm of this dance. To know when to be a powerful swirling energy of hustle and to know when to get still, be open, attract, and receive with gratitude and open arms.

It is a dance. It’s not always easy to follow and pay attention to the steps + timing, but man it’s fun. Each person will have their own learning curve to move through. Each dance has it’s own timing and mystical, divine rhythm. Release your expectations, open up your awareness, and get to dancing.

You cannot find your way without first starting your quest. You cannot learn to flow within your rhythm without first getting lost in the dance for a moment.

~Riley Reign


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