Getting In Touch With My Numerology // Interview with Martin Adams + Giveaway

Getting In Touch With My Numerology // Interview with Martin Adams + Giveaway



Recently I have gotten really into learning more about personal numerology. I learned my own numbers, and then went on throughout my family. Siblings, parents, grandparents, and close friends — I got into it. Partially because the information and wisdom held here is so incredibly powerful, and also because I wanted to see just how accurate it was. I had alot of people to test it on, and these numbers have yet to have failed (and I can confidently say I highly doubt they ever will). Soon after I starting going through everyone’s numbers and their simpler meanings, I found an incredible app all about this numerology that goes in depth with each number.

Getting In Touch With My Numerology from The Spirit & Soul Blog

In the palm of your hand you can have a numerology encyclopedia that you can share with anytime! Whether it comes up in conversation or you have an epiphany about something with a family member you can share this wisdom with said person in a snap or simply gain insight into how the people around you see things and process life. Personally I have had such a powerful experience with getting in touch with my life path number, so I wanted to share the wisdom of numerology, as well as the Life Purpose App itself, with some of my readers.

I am so so grateful to have had the chance to interview the app creator, Martin Adams, about numerology, the app itself, and why it can be so helpful to understand. I am even more grateful that he has so kindly offered 20 free app downloads ($199.00 value) to giveaway! Read below for the amazing interview, and the link to enter into the giveaway!


1. For someone who doesn’t now much about Life Path #s, can you give a cliffs notes explanation of what they are?
The Life-Purpose System offers information based on one’s date of birth that can lead to greater self-knowledge. The Life-Purpose System doesn’t so much describe one’s personality as it describes one’s inner drives, talents, and core purpose. It was formalized over twenty years ago by Dan Millman, a spiritual teacher and the bestselling author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, in his bestselling book The Life You Were Born to Live. He had learned it from a mentor who never revealed from whom he himself had learned it. In my own experience, having worked with the Life-Purpose System for over fifteen years—and after having applied it on clients, coworkers, friends and myself—I can attest to its unusually precise and accurate nature, despite its mysterious origins.
2. How can knowing & understanding our Life Path Numbers assist us in life?
The self-knowledge I’ve gained from studying the Life-Purpose System has helped me be more compassionate: Once I realized that my own ‘personal’ weaknesses were actually part of a larger force of nature to which I belonged, I became more forgiving and understanding toward both others and myself. I also began to trust my instincts more, and this had positive effects in all areas of my life. Even so, life still had to be lived, mistakes still had to be made, and lessons still had to be learned. So while the Life-Purpose System hasn’t opened my eyes for me—inner work still remains inner work—, it’s prepared me to handle life much more gracefully.
3. The app is based on Dan Millman’s Book The Life You Were Born To Live; was creating this app a collaborative effort or was it something you decided to do after reading the book?
I think it was in 2010 when I was trying to figure out a mathematical formula that could calculate one’s life path. It was then that the idea struck to create an app that was based on the Life-Purpose System. So I called up Dan; however, he declined. It seemed the timing wasn’t right. Then, about half a year later I got a call from Dan, and he asked me if I was interested in developing an app based on the Life-Purpose System—he had apparently forgotten my initial call to him six months earlier! Needless to say, I happily said “yes”.
It took a lot of time, energy and money to get the app to where it is today. In the early-days of the App Store, Objective-C (the programming language upon which the iOS version of the app was built) wasn’t yet widely known, so quality programmers were hard to come by. So the first version was poorly coded; it was also poorly designed, which was my mistake since I was in charge of product design. A friend finally helped and, together—he did most of the code while I did most of the product and graphic design—, we created the current instance of the “Life Purpose App”.
4. One of the things I really love about the app is how easy it is to navigate and get deeper into the meanings of the numbers, was that a must-have for this app?
Yes. Because the first version of the app was poorly designed from a user-experience standpoint, I had to rethink the whole user experience from the ground up for the second and all subsequent versions. It was my friend who finally pointed out the ease of Apple’s built-in table system that today forms the backbone of the “Life Purpose App”. Furthermore, the user interface had to be extremely simple—but simple isn’t always easy, so I had to really think about how we could design the Life Purpose App in such a way that only the essentials would remain and give this sacred material the presentation it is worthy of.
5. It is so great to have such a clearly explained and in depth way to learn about a subject like Life Path numbers in such a modern and easy to use tool like an app. What is your hope & intention with what people get out of the app?
If the Life Purpose App can help people be more kind and understanding toward themselves and others, then I would consider this app a resounding success.
To enter the giveaway (open June 1st – June 30th 2016) click here.
Huge thanks to Martin Adams for collaborating with Spirit & Soul on this lovely event!
~Riley Reign
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