How Big Are You Willing To Be?

How Big Are You Willing To Be?


How big are you willing to be? How much are you willing to grow? How boldly, daring, courageous, authentic, and loud are you willing to become?

These are the questions on my mind lately.. So often I see people being more than okay with being small, settling in their comfortable little lives. Yet simultaneously everyone has a dream they are dreaming, and everyone wants more, or wants to do more. Less of us are willing to do what it takes though. To own their power, to allow themselves — push themselves — to expand and grow into the largeness of their dreams. They say you cannot get what you do not ask for… so why not ask for more (instead of complaining of what ‘little’ you have)? Or, even better, go and get yourself more.

How Big Are You Willing To Grow from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Many of us say we want to make our mark on the world in a meaningful way, so let’s think about that. The bigger the droplet, the larger (farther) the ripple.

This one is a little deeper than usual, I know. It came from a deeper place of reflection. I am pursuing my passion and I am going after that ‘more’ we are talking about here today. I tend to go after the bigger things wholeheartedly. As much as I know and believe I can do it, this path can get hard and become a heavy stress sometimes. Recently in a time of heavy stress amidst my own breaking + expansion I began to think about this bigness and smallness, comfortable and uncomfortable.

In this particular instant I am speaking of I was of my niche being too small. I felt this was the reason the blog’s growth wasn’t where I wanted it to be. It dawned on me though, while watching a video of my current favorite Jordan Bach’s, that it is not my niche. It is my reach. My reach is small right now, and my ripple is little. Though it be but little it is fierce… and it is growing. And I have to remember, I am only 18. I have only been doing this for (coming up on) 8 months.

The spiritual/personal development/intuitive business leaders that I look up to, and so admire and am inspired by have been doing what they do for a long time. They all started somewhere. We all do. Once upon a time their reach was smaller than they wanted it to be. They were willing to grow, they were willing to become big. They were committed to their passion and being in their power, honing their craft along the way, and expanding throughout it all. If you look closely your idols are doing the same still, too.

We all start somewhere. How big are you willing to be?

I can tell you this: I am right here. I am committed. If I wasn’t enough before, from this moment on I am 100%. I am honing my crafts, and I am expanding. I will not stay small or be content with settling. I will create all that I wish and more. I have the courage to go after it, and I choose to use it. I will get there in time.

And so it is. And it will be.



~Riley Reign

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2 thoughts on “How Big Are You Willing To Be?

  1. I’ve been impatient lately, wanting my blog reach to grow quicker. I have to remind myself to be content with where I am. That I can be content and also work towards growth. And I can even dream way bigger than I ever have before. The post I’m publishing tomorrow touches a little on this actually. So this resonates with me. It’s amazing that you have this perspective at such a young age. Keep at it!

    1. Yes! That mindset is exactly where this lesson came from for me too. Love & Light to you on your journey, Laura. Thank you for the kind words as well.

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