5 Videos to Pull You Out of Low Vibes + Lift You Up With Inspiration

5 Videos to Pull You Out of Low Vibes + Lift You Up With Inspiration

5 Videos To Life You Up with Inspiration from The Spirit & Soul Blog

  1. Danielle Laporte ~ Decide To Rise

    The first time I met this poem was at the most necessary and perfect timing. I needed it so badly and had no clue. It showed me truth, gave me clarity, and kicked me in the ass a little reminding me of all that I am here for. Everything I wanted was shown to me in a new light, and I knew even deeper and wholeheartedly what I needed to do. Lean in. I watch this video everytime I get into a overwhelmed or low stressy scarcity energy and it pulls me right out within a few plays. A listen first thing every morning would be incredibly powerful. {Click on title to watch video}

  2. Gary Vaynerchuck ~ You’re Gonna Die

    A (slightly) less emotional, more straightforward ‘Get off your ass’ call to action of motivation and inspiration. While Gary presents his ideas in a much more real and less ethereal way, there is no doubt that this guy is bringing an abundance of depth and light to this world. If you do not know who Gary Vee is, you better get on the train before it leaves the station without you. {Click on title to watch video}

  3. Wayne Dyer ~ You Are God

    To get a bit (okay alot) deeper real fast. This depth and wisdom that late Dr. Wayne Dyer always brings to the table provides great truth and wisdom no matter who you are. Reveal your beliefs, drive, and your soul truths on a deeper level in 15  minutes. (It is worth the time, play it while you are getting ready this morning or as you are making breakfast. You can find the time, I promise. {Click on title to watch video}

  4. Mark Nepo ~ The 2 Ways Anyone Can Grow

    Honor where you are, willfully shed, or experience a breaking.
    We don’t do shallow here at Spirit & Soul and I will not hold back the depth. Mark Nepo is an incredible incredibly poetic, mystical, and inspirational man of depth and soul wisdom who I so deeply admire. If I can measure up anywhere near close to this guy when I grow up, I would be so humbly ecstatic. I wish to evoke/expose depth like he can in the most eloquent, poetic, and fulfilling ways through writing. {Click on title to watch video}

  5. Jon Kabat-Zinn ~ How Thinking Big Can Make You Happier 

    While we are physically smaller, we are metaphysically expansive and never-ending. Change your story. In the ways of Wayne Dyer, ‘change your thoughts, change your life’. This is one of those lessons. The perspective in this message is one that is so vitally needed for healing and growth in today’s society + times. {Click on title to watch video}

I am doing my best to not biasedly gush over these powerful creators, mentors, and business people… I love them all so very much and admire all that they are so very much, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with my excitement. I want you to soak these messages in purely, and for yourself to get whatever lesson you need.


These 5 videos are a handful of my top favorites, and I hope they bring light, inspiration and elevation to your energy, mindset and day.

~Riley Reign


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