We Are All Artists

We Are All Artists


This is a concept I know many struggle with, including creative people, yet it is a Universal Truth.

We have the power to be what we wish, who we wish, do what we sih. We have the power create all that we wish (and that which we do not desire). We have the power to be present, to evoke emotion, bring depth + meaning, to explore + grow.  Each of us has a genius, a particular brilliance, a unique magic.


We are co-creators (hopefully) all sculpting + designing our lives and that which is around us to be beautiful and meaningful.


We all have it in us, that indescribable thing, perhaps it is understanding, that we can use to make everything we touch artful. Be it our life, out of clay, with paint, the crack of a smile, or with a compassionate act.

We’ve all got it.

So, so long as you are continuously bringing your life depth, meaning, and purpose, starting the conversations as any piece of art should then you are an artist.

We are literally made of starstuff. We are the manifesters of dreams, and the thinkers of powerful thoughts. If all I have said is true, which from where I see, it is, we are all artists creating our rippling masterpieces.





~Riley Reign


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