Kick Ass Energetic Room Spray

Kick Ass Energetic Room Spray


Everyone has their own take on this project, but this past week during moving I found my own kick ass little blend of loveliness and wanted to share it with you all today.  Room sprays can do more than smell good! Read below to find out my new go to recipe for energetic magic and a purposeful scent of a room.

As I mentioned before, I recently moved! My room is technically unfinished, and over my last week here I have been playing around with using different oils in the space. TerraShield to keep the spiders away and Elevation to inspire me while writing (this combo of blends together is so cheery and sweet). I have also been loving Lime oil lately. So when I went to refill my bottle of Elevation spray today I decided to play scientist and make up a little concoction… I am pleased to say it has turned out so good that I was immediately inspired to hop on the blog and share this with you.

Kick Ass Energetic Room Spray from The Spirit & Soul Blog


Let’s get to it, then!


You will need

  • Water
  • Essential Oils, you may have a different scent preference, but for this recipe I used the following noted below
  • Sage, I personally prefer Blue Sage, but you can use whatever you like
  • Salt Rocks or Dead Sea salt, I used a bit of both and honestly could’ve used less. I was in a missing the ocean mood today though, so maybe that is why.
  • Quartz Crystal(s)
  • Something to keep your spray in & Something to ‘marinate’ your spray in


The oils I used are as follows, in a moment I will explain why I used what I did. (Also they all just smell SO good.)

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TerraShield is a natural insect repellent. It also acts as an energetic protector, due to the oils in the blend. This oil in the room spray protects the space from negativity and any energetic leeching from anyone who comes into the space, keeping the energy high and bright.

Elevation is the oil of Joy, this being in the spray continues to uplift the energy of the space while contributing to the delicious scent. Elevation can keep any sadness at bay and inspire a positive outlook during conversation or thought in the space.

Lime oil  called the oil for The Zest Of Life emotionally, so by adding this to the spray there is an added brightness to the energy of the room. Again, this one also purely adds to the lovely scent of this recipe I accidentally made up.

Peace oil is an emotional blend that as you can probably guess, helps to bring peace to a person or space. While there is a lot of uplifting and protecting energy, I also like balance. High energy is awesome yet sometimes that turns into hyper, so to keep a little bit of balance I added one drop of Peace oil. This could be substituted by Balance oil for a different scent preference/variation.

Why do I need a quartz crystal, salt, and/or sage? Honestly, you don’t! This is your room spray, be intuitive with it. I personally work with crystals, sage, and salts a lot so these are familiar and helpful for me. Quartz crystals have a high vibrational frequency that will amplify the oils, sage, and salt further raising the energy in your space if desired, I personally love working with clear quartz and that is why I have included it in my recipe. Salt is another pure crystal-like energy especially good for cleansing and keeping a clear space. And sage is historically known for energetic clearing, protection, and lifting spirits. I personally enjoy these traditions and uses, so I work with them. If that’s not for you, I respect that wholeheartedly. Please tweak this recipe to your desires.


Onto the recipe, shall we!

2 Drops –
Terrashield oil blend
Elevation oil blend
Lime oil
1 Drop –
Peace or Balance oil blend

Put all oils + salt in water, maybe 1/4 cup’s worth, with a clear quartz crystal in whatever bowl you’d like. This goes out under the sunlight to charge the crystal and infuse the crystal vibrations into the mist mix. The mix can sit and ‘marinate’ as long as you would like. Mine sat for about an hour, but a whole day would only amplify everything. The time spent ‘marinating’ is totally up to you.

Once this is done, you bottle the mist mixture into a spray bottle of choice (glass is best) with the dried sage bits and another crystal or more salt if you’d like. And that’s it! Spray anywhere or everywhere and enjoy!

Note: I used a large quartz point for marinating and I put a smaller one into the bottle later on with the sage, but you can use more small pieces or one large one only while marinating if you like. Again, this is your room spray. Be intuitive with it!

Kick Ass Energetic Room Spray Recipe

Enjoy! If you’re interested in purchasing the specific oils used, click here.

~Riley Reign


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