Positivity: How To Amplify It In Your Everyday Life

Positivity: How To Amplify It In Your Everyday Life


It’s fair to say that positivity is something each of us wants more of in our lives, but how can we realize that for ourselves? I have 3 super crucial + simple mindfulness tools to help you bring more positivity into your life!

How To Amplify Positivity in Your Everyday Life from The Spirit & Soul Blog

  1.  Stop Feeding Into The Negative
    We all know that it does not serve the highest good for anyone to become worked up with negativity, what can we do though? Each one of us has control over this for ourselves. Take a step back. Observe. Feeding into negativity breeds negativity, to prevent that calmly take a step back. This allows clarity – to see the lesson, to see the unimportance of a situation, to see how to solve a situation better, etc.
  2. Be The Light You Need/Want
    Once you can take a step back from the negativities in your life and slow them down you will find more space and energy to be the light for yourself and others. To attract positivity you’ve got to be in tune with high vibrations, high energy. A powerful + impactful way to do this is to show up to life with vibrancy by being the light yourself. This generates continued positivity in perspective and high energy that can continue manifesting into your life. Hello, Positivity!
  3. Create Positivity with Intention
    This is similar to being the light in that you begin creating the positivity you desire. How does one do that?
    By taking advantage of the opportunities in every day. There are abundant opportunities each day in your life, starting first thing each morning! What do you know you can do to brighten the energy of your day? These gems of opportunity can be as simple as making yourself a really nice meal, or calling a friend, or buying flowers for yourself or a friend while out doing errands, etc. There are tiny spaces waiting to be filled within each day, and you can fill them – after all, you’re the only one who knows what you want or desire within your life.

There are your 3 really simple and small mindfulness tools to bring more positivity into your everyday life! Put them to good use and enjoy the process.

~Riley Reign


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