We’re 1 Year Older Now!

We’re 1 Year Older Now!


Today we are celebrating a beautiful and big milestone as tomorrow, November 12th, 2016, is the one-year anniversary of when the Spirit & Soul was launched and officially went live!!!

And boy has it been a year! I myself as a writer have grown so much, the blog itself has grown so much, and our content just keeps getting better and better. I don’t believe I have ever had a project I have felt this much passion, dedication, and love for. Even that continues to grow. We went from little scrappy think pieces to refined and intentional ones. We went from a non-existent reach to an ever growing one.

I moved through my own scarcity and angsty energy into something brighter than I could’ve imaged, that like everything else from this journey just continues to sweeten around me. I’ve gone from writing small bits to creating and leading awesome courses (join the next mini course now to preview my New Years course about claiming your power!). It has been a year jam-packed with learning, exploration, and coming to understand (life, how blogging works, many lessons, and more).  It feels like I’ve only blinked. And it is certainly only the mere beginning of this wild journey of ours.

I am incredibly proud of both myself and how this little blog has held her own in the oversaturated blogging world. I won’t say that this blog is my baby, but I will say that is my passion and it is definitely a raw, real, and sparkly extension of myself. I am more than excited to see what the next year holds, how the blog and I grow both together and apart from each other. It may not be much to some, or it may just be ‘cute’, for me though this day is extraordinarily beautiful and so I will be celebrating with whoever wishes to join me.

Here is to the next year of magic, madness, and growth.
And of course, happy 1 year to the Spirit & Soul blog!


~Riley Reign

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