How To Choose Peace Over Worry

How To Choose Peace Over Worry


Worry is a nasty tendency we all lean on these days, and it is a very unnecessary one. How can we turn our worry around though? By leaning into our peace instead. I recently wrote after coming back home from a 10 day silent meditation retreat about how each and every one of us has our own personal deeply rooted peace and the trick is to find it. The only real way I have found to turn worry or scarcity around is to lean into and ground into my peace.

When worry strikes it is most often because of our thought pattern, one that is likely in a future-tripping state. However, thought patterns are easy to control and turn around, easier than you might think. When we begin to worry it is inspired by feelings of fear and scarcity and I don’t have to tell you what that snowball (sometimes avalanche) looks like. So how the hell do I see those thought patterns and choose my peace instead?

How To Choose Peace Over Worry from The Spirit & Soul Blog


Realizing what is real and not real is very important, and very raw. What is real in this very moment? Not what you feel will become, or say you know will become. All we know is right now and what is real is only what is right now. By acknowledging this we can detach ourselves from that snowball of worried thoughts and begin to come out of the worry itself. Once this happens we can continue to consciously step away from the worry mentally and step toward our inner peace.

It is all in choice though.  Choosing to experience peace more than worry, and choosing to work for that reality for oneself. Choosing to recognize how destructive and unproductive the worrying is, choosing to move away from it and into something more deserving and worthy of your energy, focus, and time.

Once we’re with our peace we can ground into it. This is where we choose peace over worry. Every time you practice this it will get easier to do, it will be a quicker process, and there will be less of a journey from worry to peace. While worry can be a catalyst for action, or a good self-defense mechanism is can also be incredibly damaging mentally and emotionally, which is unfortunate considering how present and seemingly relentless it is in most people’s lives.

~Riley Reign


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3 thoughts on “How To Choose Peace Over Worry

  1. Great post. It seems so inspiring to me to go on a 10-day silent meditation. A friend of mine has done it twice and is so loving about it, I’m considering to go sometime as well 🙂

  2. Very good advice 🙂 I have gotten a more positive outlook on life lately and I plan on sticking to it. Peace and positive thoughts are needed badly right now.

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