Self-Care for The Holidays

Self-Care for The Holidays


The Holidays present a lot of different stresses for everyone, so how can we maintain a healthy balance of peace and calm within ourselves? Keeping time for self-care is the most important thing, especially during the holidays. I’ve listed various ways to breathe and take a moment for yourself during the rush of the holidays that won’t take any extra time out of your day.

Meditation ~ 

Meditation is an incredible tool that helps teach and instill peace and balance within us, by showing us where our peace and balance lay. This can be done in a way that is added to your daily routine so it doesn’t take extra time out of your day, like perhaps meditating for 5 minutes in the shower, or right when you wake up to start the day off right. There are many guided meditations available for beginners on iTunes, YouTube, etc. or if you have your own practice it is important to remember it during this time and to not let it slip away.

Peace Begins With Me ~

This tool is a really simple one that you can do anywhere, at anytime (yes, even at the Christmas dinner table) that I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein and her book Miracles Now. This mantra is combined with a simple physical movement to help fully pull you into the present moment and into yourself and your calm. Practicing this mantra and movement helps give you something else to focus on than a present negativity, as well as bringing you back to your center.  The practice goes like this:
While saying the mantra ‘Peace Begins With Me’ touch your fingers to your thumb on at a time. “Peace (pointer finger to thumb) begins (middle finger to thumb) with (ring finger to thumb) me (pinky to thumb).

Nourish Your Body ~ 

In these times of celebration and holiday, we tend to feed our bodies less than nourishing foods. And this is totally okay, because there are other ways to nourish your body during these times to help keep your energy balanced. This is another tool you can quickly add to another routine so that you don’t need to take more time out of your day if it is that big of an issue for your lifestyle. Other methods of body nourishment that could be helpful are as follows: Ayurveda Massage, take an aromatherapy bath, savor a cup of tea, practice a simple yoga routine, stretch with awareness and breath in the morning, go for a walk to clear your mind and energy.

Simple Quiet Time ~

It may seem childish, but I assure you that simply taking some time in quiet by yourself is so helpful to recenter your energy. This gives you a moment to breathe deeply, have quiet and time to yourself, and the space to objectively sort through whatever you’re feeling if you’ve been in a tense situation. I know how simple it seems and how it sounds too simple. This time is what you make of it. I use this tool at every holiday party my family hosts, I disappear for 10 minutes and just go breathe, close my eyes and be. I can regain any energy that had been drained and I can go back to the praty when I’m ready and still be my peaceful bubbly self.

Gratitude ~

It’s during the holiday season that I think we forget so easily how important it is to be grateful. When something is occuring that upsets you or is lowering your energy, look to your gratitude. Make a list in your head of what you are grateful for in that moment. This creates a great negative thought pattern interrupt. If the situation/stress/tension is more broad and you can sit down with a journal, then journal your gratitude for the moment, day, or week. Not only does this interrupt a negative pattern, it will help bring clarity and insight to whatever is going on within your life.


These are my top 5 Holiday Self-Care tips! I hope you keep them close and useful. May they serve you and those around you well!
~Riley Reign


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