A Lil’ Update About The Gentle Reminder Series // Mantra Manifesto

A Lil’ Update About The Gentle Reminder Series // Mantra Manifesto


Hello dear readers!

We’ve got a little update about the Gentle Reminder series. This coming Monday, December 5th, the Gentle Reminder series will take on a new name — The Mantra Manifesto.

While I hold gentle reminders near and dear to my heart, I have also found that other artists and writers use this term much more freely and fluidly. As well as other writers branding their own Gentle Reminder projects. I think this is a beautiful thing, and I adore the authors that are pursuing their projects.

Introducing The Mantra Manifesto Project from The Spirit & Soul Blog


I’ve had a feeling for a while that my Gentle Reminder series needed to change, and the only reason I didn’t change it was because I wasn’t sure what else it was supposed to be. Well, recently I have come to recognize my love of a good manifesto and with further observation and following of the little hints I was getting I decided that is what the Gentle Reminders needed to become.

And here we are transitioning into the Mantra Manifesto. I think this project title holds so much more power and abundance. It feels more open and purposeful. The mantra is soft and fluid, while the manifesto is intentional, purposeful, and driving.

This change in project title feels and sounds better to me as the author. It feels way more aligned, and I didn’t really know how far off it was in the first place. I hope you enjoy the new and improved and can welcome this shift with open arms.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the change, so feel free to sound off below!

~Riley Reign


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