Silk // A Mantra Manifesto

Silk // A Mantra Manifesto

Yes,  I am a daydreamer
Yes, the process is a mess

There is motion, movement, turbulence even
Zoom out, look at the whole
See how silky the image isSee how the thread of each moment is of silk
Now weave each thread together
See how divinely fabricated it all is
Life, it is silk

Yes, I am an optimist
and yes, it all feels very harsh

See the spinning as weaving
Turn the turbulence into a dance
Surely, the process is a mess
Yet how else does art become?

Look at the ocean
chaotic or still, it is stunning and it is real
I couldn’t imagine it silkierYes, we are different
and yet, we are just the same

Too many see themselves wrapped in a life of sandpaper
When the truth of life is purely silk

Too many read a sad poem and allow it to be sharp
The words you are reading were not strung together by knives
The threads of those words, they are silk

Yes, some things don’t feel like the best
and yet, they become just thatI am finding every experience is one of silk
and I know I cannot force an awakening to the perfect softness that lives outside the inside of our eyelids
So I will make my presence a work of silk

May I listen to the cries of the world with softness in understanding
May I string together each word I write with threads of silk
May I show up from the silk of compassion
May I help, heal, teach, live and love as I can
with silk in my hands

~Riley Reign

Side Note : A huge thank you to  Nathan Proctor, curator of Love and Art, for featuring an excerpt of this piece in his last Instagram #SubmissionSunday! I was honored to have my work included in that collection. I highly recommend anyone who loves visual and word art to check out his projects and follow his creative and curative endeavors. His work is highly inspirational, healing, transformational, and uplifting so please give him a look and some love.

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