Setting Intentions With a 2017 Mood Board

Setting Intentions With a 2017 Mood Board

Mood Boards are one of my FAVORITE ways to set intentions and get inspired for a project or even a day. These things can be as curated or slapped together as you’d like, and they can last as long as you make them. One really powerful and helpful way to use a mood board, or get motivated to create a mood board, is to make a themed one.

I have an energy and inspiration mood board that is my go-to pick me up for whenever I am feeling low. And going through it made me think — How perfectly helpful would a new year mood board be? In this post I will answer 1) why a 2017 mood board can benefit and shift your life this year, and 2) how to get started on your mood board right away!

A Mood Board for The New Year from The Spirit & Soul Blog

As I mentioned before, I adore a good mood board. I’ve found that Pinterest is a great great way to create a mood board quickly, effortlessly, and in a really beautiful way. Not only does this method create less physical stuff in your life, like a physical mood or vision board might, but it also will be available at your fingertips anytime. Thank you technology! And you can change, delete, move around, etc. things incredibly freely. No printing or gluing or mess. What a beautiful thing that is!

Now into the nitty gritty — How can having and keeping a mood board impact your life?
Listen, I love vision boards too, but not everyone’s lifestyle is willing to fit that practice into their routine. I understand, I do! Keeping a mood board for 2017 will act as your vision board.

The law of attraction is a real and greatly powerful thing and if you are not working with it you are missing out! Keeping a mood board with goals, intentions, photography that inspires you and brings a certain vibration into your aura, etc. will not only keep you inspired and motivated, but it can keep you hopeful! Because let’s be real, we lost alot of our hope there near the end of 2016.

If you need inspiration for your 2017 Intention + Mood Board take a look at mine here, or my Energy & Vibes Board here.

Happy pinning & Intention Setting!
~Riley Reign


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