5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

I am happy to be here, sharing with you how YOU can use the gorgeous spring energy to inspire and enliven your life.  Are you enjoying it so far? I can easily say for myself I have been completely inspired by the weather and the evolving environment.  Welcome to spring!

5 Ways To Use Spring Energy to Inspire Your Life from the Spirit & Soul Blog


Get Grounded

Use the beautiful weather to take to the outdoors and get some good grounding done. Reel those energies in and get clear on your intentions and desires. Decide what you want and create your action plan to get it. Bring your head out of the clouds for a minute, and see how the soil of your life needs to be nourished so the garden can flourish!

The cycles of Life

Take the time of Spring’s rejuvenation and refreshing abundance to look into the cycles of life, and more specifically your life. Learn how to flow with this beautiful rhythm, and dance with it throughout your life. Get introspective and look at your personal pattern cycles. How can they improve? How might they need to change to allow more space for positivity?


Take note of all of the blooming surrounding you. Where are you at in your life right now? Think of how your circumstances are, and if it is more beneficial to yourself and others for you to focus on the darkness, or bloom where you have been planted. The outcome here is up to you, what are you going to choose?

Invite Color, Vibrancy, and Abundance

Everything in life during spring becomes vibrant, colorful, and begins to grow in abundance. How can you use this energetic opportunity to bring you more joy, positivity, and inspiration? Invite more color, vibrancy, and abundance into your life in this fruitful energetic time. Explore playing with new colors, vibrant energies (in people, places, etc.), and cultivating abundance within your life.


An Intention of Freshness

When you think of spring, what do you think of? Do the words rejuvenation, and refreshing come to mind? Apply these energies to your day to day intentions within your life. Implement an intention of freshness, refreshing experiences and perspectives.


Have you found any of these 5 ideas showing up in your life subconsciously since the beginning of spring? Share with us any a-ha’s below and offer up any extra insight you have found through the presence of spring this year.


~Riley Reign


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