Finding Balance In A Life Transition

Finding Balance In A Life Transition

Life can put us through some shit, can’t it? So how do we find balance and peace within our transitions, transformations, and lessons? I’ve got some mindfulness tips, perspective tricks, and emotional tools to show you a few ways to find that balance and peace you seek within your life transitions.

Finding Balance In A Life Transition from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Something I feel that a lot of people do by default (which is not your fault), is to fall into a pattern of expectation. It may seem a little bit counterintuitive, but when you release expectations you actually open up more space for possibility and serendipity.

You see, when you make a big life change or set the intention to experience and curate a shift, you are going to be tested. If you have this restrictive expectation, these tests can more likely ‘break’ you. If you release attachment to expectations you have this open, creative, collaborative space where you can both be surprised by what comes to you, and create something you can be extremely proud of.

If you’re in a mindset of expectation, you are not going to be able to get into a flow of co-creation, and you will not be able to experience the life lessons you are being shown with ease and grace as you may wish to.

However, when you come from a place of openness and playfulness, you can get into that co-creative flow much more easily. You can experience whatever the universe needs you to experience and learn in a much softer way from this as well.

For when things get really tricky, turbulent, and trying I invite you to shift your focus. When we are within experiences like this, the tricky ones, we tend to only focus on the negative and we get into a victim mindset. What if instead of Life happening to you, Life happened for you? What if instead of the thing being messy and terrible, the messy and terrible parts were showing you how to grow in a really beautiful and empowering way?

You see, when you can come to a situation or event with less expectation and more openness, the outcome is going to be so much more magical and impressive. Even if you are flying by the seat of your pants, or surrendering in a way that is foreign and uncomfortable for a bit.

And when you can look at life from a place of co-creation (a “Life is happening for me.” type of trust) you can see the bigger picture. Instead of the center of the storm you perceive from the victimhood mindset. You can see that in the end, whatever is happening will benefit you, not break you, and it will build your foundation for even more success farther down the road.


~Riley Reign

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3 thoughts on “Finding Balance In A Life Transition

  1. “Life can put us through some shit, can’t it?” Yes, it definitely can! I really enjoyed this blog a lot. As a survivor of abuse, sometimes it’s nice to be called out on what I expect. Truth is, the world is filled with miracles (not just hardship). I really loved how eye-opening this blog was. Thanks for writing it!

  2. I have recently learned the “shifting focus” part. It has moved me from feelings of extreme anger about a situation to one of peace about the same situation.

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