You are not Broken, you are Becoming.

You are not Broken, you are Becoming.

I have always believed that half of life is your perspective of it and I feel deeply that this applies to even the darkest of days. Possibly, that this applies the most to the darkest of days. Sometimes it can all pile up in a way that feels too fast, and it becomes very very heavy. Our politics, our emotional state about everyday life, our collective vibrational frequency. You may feel like you are drowning in things to be sad about, you may feel like Life is trying to break you, you may feel that everything occurring within your life is the worst it can be, and maybe you feel like you’re crumbling beneath it all.
You Are Not Broken, You Are Becoming from the Spirit & Soul Blog


There is always light, even if it may not feel like it. There is always hope, even if you can’t see it yet. There will always be a reason for what you are going through, and it is okay to sometimes feel resentment for that. If you struggle to trust in these positive outlooks, I’d like to offer you to take a look at what Ariana Grande has experienced and shared with the world these last few weeks. Her beloved fans, most likely living out their joy in a daydream like event lost their lives, and other fans traumatized, injured, and put at risk of harm. And still, this young woman took all of her pain and sorrow and upset, and she turned it into a beautiful coming together for the name of Love and standing up against the horrors this world can see.

A woman that many often perceive as scantily clad, and far from a role model, took her worst pain in life and made it into an example and celebration of life and love and strength. She could have easily broken down completely in this time, she could have been fearful of ever stepping foot on a stage again, of ever bringing her fans in front of a stage again. Instead, she chose to show up. She chose to be an example of what it means to lean into fear and resistance in all that she could.

This is what courage is. This is what change looks like. This is what growing through the pain looks like.

Every pain that occurs in your life, physical or non-physical, will catalyst your growth. Even further, it will catalyst your freedom, inspiring you to break free from yourself. Your darkness will teach you where your true light is, as well as how to amplify it. They say, “Your mess with age becomes your message” for a reason, and it is in your vulnerability that you will discover your deep power and your gifts.

You see, even within all of the pain and upset Life can throw at you, you are not breaking, darling. You are becoming. It is the most uncomfortable process, yes. It is also the most beautiful and impactful way of transformation there is. You are not losing yourself, but rather finding your truest self.


~Riley Reign


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5 thoughts on “You are not Broken, you are Becoming.

  1. Ah Riley, your post gave me the chills. Pain allows us to feel, and I rather feel something, than nothing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. So glad we connected.


  2. This keeps bringing me back to the thought that God makes beauty from ashes. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but I trust that it’s true.

  3. Your words are beautiful… I truly believe that every situation that is deemed bad per say really I can find a silver lining of what it taught me or perhaps it took me down a path I otherwise may not have chosen but ended up showing me multiple blessings…

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