Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

We all experience anxiety at some point within our lives, but what if we could shift that energy into excitement? Maybe that seems nearly impossible to you, but I promise it is easier than you think and it can change your experience in life if you allow it to. The anxiety we often experience is an energetic experience or exchange, and guess what, we have the power to consciously shift, change, or transmute the energy around us if we wish to.

Let’s talk about anxiety for a minute. Anxiety is defined as, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. This can also be seen as fear, which is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. I’d like you to think about what you experience when you are feeling anxious or fearful of something within your life. Think about the thoughts you have in those moments, the physical things you experience, and the perspective you have towards your life then.


Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement
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Now I’d like you to reflect on some times in your life when you have been excited. To take this a little bit deeper, think about a time where you have been over the moon excited about an experience.  Think about the thoughts you have in those moments, the physical things you experience, and the perspective you have towards your life then. There was likely joy, optimism, and a sense of security within your experience. Wouldn’t you be amazed if you could feel joy, optimism, and security towards something a little nerve racking rather than debilitating fear or possibly even having an anxiety attack? I can imagine the value that could give you, because I have experienced it myself.

I have used this tool to help me feel safer in sending emails that scare me, in creating ideas that scare me, and in working to achieve goals that scare me, or make me feel uneasy. This anxiety we find ourselves feeling is an energetic experience that we as silly humans have titled to be something negative and unwanted, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you looked at your anxiety as an energy, and chose to use it to fuel you in showing up with light so that you could shift the energy into excitement?

Holding awareness of the energy we are feeling is so incredibly valuable. When you can have that awareness, you open space for yourself to consciously make a shift. “How the heck do I do that?” you may be asking. The answer is to lean into what your soul has to say. Can you get out of your headspace in an anxiety moment (yes, you can) and move into your heart space to listen to what your soul has to say? You will find in this space that your soul will guide you with ease. Hello, Intuition! Your soul will tell you if your anxiety is actually telling you that something isn’t right, or if you’re misinterpreting what lies ahead of you in a specific experience.

And with that insight from your soul intuition, you’ll be able to find excitement toward what you may have previously thought you felt anxiety towards. Instead of fearing large social crowds, you will find excitement about the opportunity to connect with someone new. Instead of fearing an opportunity that can improve your life and bring you want you’ve dreamt of, you can experience the magic of improving your life and experiencing something you have long dreamt of. Instead of fearing the undertaking, energy, and whether or not I am capable of blogging daily for (at least) one month and putting out quality content, I can find excitement in the opportunity to create every day, and to serve everyday.

When we shift our nervousness into presence, we would be able to open ourselves up to much more opportunity, positive experiences, and more of the light and abundance that Life has to offer us.


~Riley Reign

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  1. I think being aware of your own energy… and thoughts is a great tip. I suffer from Anxiety and breathing exercises when I pin point myself getting anxious works wonders.

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