Let’s Talk About Lightworking

Let’s Talk About Lightworking

I recently had an experience that caused me to observe my light and my lightworking, and question whether or not to trust people with it. I’ve been observing some feelings, thoughts, and perspectives on lightworking more since that experience, and today I want to talk about it. There is alot of information and opinion in the spiritual community surrounding lightwork, when or when not to do it, who or who not to give light to, to trust people with your light or not, etc.

I’ve read a few articles, as you may have too, about how sensitive empaths and lightworkers are taken advantage of and how they need to be so much more careful. Or, on the other side of the lightwork arguments, I’ve read that lightworking is made up by posers, and that the real work is done in the dark. After experiencing my light and it’s support having been betrayed, and learning from my own experiences what light can be or do for someone, I have to disagree with both of those popular opinions in this cycle of lightworking noise. Here is what I have learned :

  1. I only need to trust in the light itself, not the person I offer it to.
  2. The light I offer will always benefit the person I offer it to in some way, if I am ‘betrayed’ in some way it has no relation to what I have showed up to give.
Let's Talk About Lightworking from The Spirit & Soul Blog
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This is what I have found within my experiences and exploration of light and sharing it. The light I share cannot be abused, for it is pure divine unconditional love. The light that I share and experience is very real, as is the lightwork that I do. I hold space for people in a champion way, I light prayer candles when people ask for prayers, and I send light to anyone I feel could use it. That energy is very real and very present, and it is received in an equally real way. I know that the light I have offered some is part of the reason that they are still alive and experiencing their journeys in life, that is something that is very hard to dismiss or invalidate.

Have I been treated poorly by some of the people I have shared light with so freely? Yes. And I have decided that does not give me the right or validation to no longer share that light with them, or people who appear to be like those that have mistreated me before. While I do believe that darkness is a powerful and needed canvas, opportunity, and catalyst for the light, growth, and wisdom, I do not feel that that discredits or makes the light itself irrelevant. The light and dark need each other, and we need to experience and learn from the both of them.

I will give the light I have unconditionally, to anyone that asks and anyone I feel called to offer it to. The light I have to give will always serve or support someone in support of their highest good, and if I want to inspire + empower as much of the world as I can I cannot be withholding light from anyone or anything.

I am choosing to not only protect this light I have, but to allow it to be invincible. Because it is. 

This doesn’t mean that I will not deal with or experience negativity or drama, because Life happens. This means that I am choosing to not allow negativity and/or drama to effect or influence my light. People can be sensitive, I get it, and nothing can truly affect or take my light but me. Nothing can lower my energy or bring me dis-ease or block my magic unless I allow it to. This also does not mean that I will not experience or be open to darkness, either. It means that I will carry my light closely and allow it to guide me through that darkness with as much ease, trust in the process, and understanding as possible.

So I invite you lightworkers, sensitives, empaths, and those who find lightworking to be bullsh*t, to allow your light to be what it is (untouchable), and to allow that to inspire how you show up, and empower you when it is time to face your darkness.



~Riley Reign

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Lightworking

  1. I had no idea what lightworking was before this, and I searched it, and think it’s VERY interesting. I understand your post a little better after rereading it. You are very strong in not allowing those who mistreated you prevent you from sharing your light. Very inspiring. 🙂

  2. Like the other commenter, I didn’t really have much knowledge about lightworking before reading this post. But I love the idea of it! This was a great, motivational post, and I look forward to doing some more reading about lightworking! 🙂

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