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Riley Reign has found it to be her life calling to inspire others while she is inspired by light, nature, rich colors, and the stories of beautiful souls around her. Finding her passion and bliss in both art and writing, she spends her time creating one of a kind artwork involving pressed flowers, watercolor, and calligraphy. As well as the Spirit & Soul blog. As the curator and writer of the Spirit and Soul blog she wishes to bring light and motivation to those who need it. She currently resides in the beautiful Colorado.
Redefining Self-Help with Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth

Redefining Self-Help with Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth

I recently was gifted with the experience of reading Danielle LaPorte‘s new book, White Hot Truth, before it’s release to the world and thought I am a bit biased about Danielle and her work, this book is a MUST READ for any Self-Help lovers. White Hot Truth is not only a charming memoir like expression of Danielle and what she has learned along her journey, it also offers some lessons about self-improvement and spirituality that we often do not recognize or forget to honor.


Redefining Self-Help with Danielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth


White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another is about devotion, honor, and the white hot truth of how messy our journey’s can be. “Has your self-help become self-criticism? A wise and often hilarious exploration of the conflicts between spiritual aspiration and the compulsion to improve, from Oprah Super Soul 100 member, Danielle LaPorte.

Like a wise girlfriend you can totally relate to, Danielle cheerleads you to own your wisdom and self-worth by having a good laugh (and maybe a good cry) at the ways you’ve been trying to improve on your self-improvement. Rooted in compassion, feminism, and spiritual activism White Hot Truth is an intimate and (hilariously) relatable account of self-help tales gone wrong, and very right.” writes.

There are 2 books right now that I would recommend for someone wanting to deepen their work, and learn how to honor the experience, White Hot Truth is one of those 2. This book has taught me so much about self-work and how to flow within that process. White Hot Truth teaches this and more along each beautiful page.

Danielle expresses the importance of honoring how messy self-improvement and the spiritual journey to enlightenment can be. She shares personal experiences of how she honored herself and her process in trusting her intuition, and clearing her house of all healing crystals and metaphysical tools she had, because she needed to purify and cleanse from some un-desirable energy. All along the way, Danielle shares hilariously personal stories and moments of personal heartbreak and turmoil in a stunningly open and wise way.

White Hot Truth is strung along with Danielle’s iconic Truth Bombs that carry you throughout the book like the breeze of a spring day. It’s refreshingly inspirational and empowering. Danielle writes about how openness, unconditional loving kindness, and boundaries go hand in hand. Personally, this was one of the biggest gems that I took from the book. The principle was something I was already aware of, but White Hot Truth and some personal experiences I went through after reading the book really engrained this lesson in my heart.

The truth of the matter is, we’re all on the same path to this space of betterment (and those of us working toward enlightenment). The only things that differ us are our experiences, but our pains and struggles along the way are all rooted in the same lessons. Danielle shares this in a beautifully personal way throughout White Hot Truth.

Danielle also teaches in this book that there are times to pull away from the self-work. We can get so wrapped up in bettering ourselves and our lives that we forget to see how much beauty and light is already present. There is a time and place to just be where we are, to have deep gratitude where we are. To honor ourselves and have pride in how far we’ve come. There is a time to take a break, inhale some gratitude, watch a sunset, and then maybe we can get back to work tomorrow. Or next week.

White Hot Truth has become a manifesto or mantra of sorts for me. What is the White Hot Truth of the situation? What is my White Hot Truth in how I am feeling toward _____? Am I coming from a place of White Hot Truth? All of these questions and more come up within my life all of the time now, and this intention has created such a beautiful energy around my life and how I am honoring and expressing myself. /i journal with the prompt of these questions to reconnect to and ground into my truths. It reminds me of the core of my work, my life, how I react and choose to be present, and what my intention is for the life I lead.

White Hot Truth has hands down redefined self-help for me, and I know it can for you too. If you are open to the lessons and stories you will find a new trust and truth in your journey and how divinely perfect and humanly messy it is and will be at times.

You can get Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth here and here. Today (May 15th, 2017) is the last day to get the audio book for free, so if you want to dive into this book and the stunning audio from Danielle, you can find that here. Also, I highly highly recommend you join the White Hot Truth book club (you don’t even have to have the book!) here. You can also read more about how White Hot Truth changed my life here.

May your journey be yours.

~Riley Reign


3 Ways to Claim Your Power

3 Ways to Claim Your Power

Before we jump into this post, I owe it to my regulars to give a little update on why I have been kind of M.I.A. lately and that reason would be — I have been pouring most of my vibrant loving, creative energy and excitement into my brand new personal website! This is where you can find my freelance writing info, and learn about working with me on a personal level with an intuitive mentoring session. The site launched this past Monday and has been such an exciting whirlwind of magic.

Now that we’ve gone over that little bit of info, let’s jump in!

We often times don’t realize, but we give away our personal power on a daily basis and it is totally unnecessary! With a little bit of mindfulness and awareness we can prevent this, and reclaim our power when we notice that we’ve given it away. This post is all about how to do both of those things, in a really gentle but impactful way! Welcome to my top 3 ways to claim (or reclaim) your power.

3 Ways To Claim Your Power from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Simple Mindfulness

This tool is a sneak peek into my 10 day course Acknowledge Your Power.

Being aware and mindful is such a huge part of any spiritual or personal growth practice. Take your power back by simply being mindful of what/who affects it and when. Take a breath in the space of that moment, say a mantra if you wish. ‘I am compassion.’, ‘I am understanding.’, ‘I am protected.’, ‘I control the energy of this situation and I choose _______.” are some great power packed mantras.


Cutting Chords

Chord cutting is something you can do to reclaim your power when you recognize where you’ve given it up, more specifically regarding relationships. This is when you ceremonially/ritually sever an energetic chord that is within your aura, or energetic body. These chords or ties are usually connected between 2 people specifically, and you may have this occurence with more than 1 person in your life.

Here are some amazing resources for Chord Cutting guidance:
Pinterest Ideas
Youtube Guided Meditation for Chord Cutting


Manifesting Positivity

This is another tool that you’re likely to find (or have previously seen) in my course Acknowledge Your Power.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” When you can focus on positivity you will very literally manifest more of such in your everyday life.

When you are in a space of amplifying and curating positivity in your life, please remember to protect your energy. That can mean just being aware of what you allow to hold weight in a day to day practice, or you use something like the bubble tool, healing crystals, or energetic boundaries (if you are an essential oil user, Melaleuca is the emotional oil of Energetic Boundaries, that may be able to assist you in some way) to protect you.

Have you tried any of these tools before? If so, what was your experience like, and how do you feel you could use the tools again in your life right now? If you haven’t yet used one of these tools but plan to, share in the comments below so this community can help support you and hold you accountable. I so look forward to hearing what you can share about your personal journey!


~Riley Reign

How To Live A More Aligned Life

How To Live A More Aligned Life

Alignment is such a beautiful beautiful thing when we find it and truly feel it. Today I am sharing a few keys on how to live a more aligned life so that you can experience more light, love, abundance, and much  more.

Before you can begin to live an enriching life of alignment, you must know your truths and allow yourself to be guided by them. Before you can experience alignment, you must live an authentic life. When you live from a place of authenticity you live in a way that is clear, honest, and true to you. This opens up the space for opportunities of alignment to truly arise.

How To Live a More Aligned Life from the Spirit & Soul Blog

The next crucial piece to creating a life of alignment, is to trust your intuition. To follow your intuition is to follow your own clear inner knowing. That is a very powerful thing, and it takes some courage to stand grounded in your intuitive certainty often times. Follow your intuition if you wish to experience a more aligned life. Especially when it seems really silly, weird, or somewhat unrealistic.

Do more of what you love is a quote for a reason, kids! To experience, create, and center your life into a more aligned state, something that I find get’s overlooked is what people are doing in their every-day lives. Do more of what feels good. Do more of what lights you up. Follow your truths and intuition more. Do more of what you love, and you will find more and more alignment in your life.

Change what you dislike. If we want to live our lives by design and not default, we must lean into our fear of change and do the very thing we are afraid of. Change what needs changing. What specifically feels unaligned in your life? If you can, change it. If you think you can’t, do your best to try. If you actually, truly can’t…

Release what you cannot change. If you do not have the power or the will to change something, the next step is to release it. When you let go, you are also opening up. And opening up means creating space. The Universe wants to fill that space with magic. Each individuals definition of magic is tailored, and this attracts aligned opportunities. What are you holding onto that you could let go so you can let something stunning in?


I hope you have enjoyed this piece! Please comment below what note you resonated with most, and why!
~Riley Reign

Breaking Through Fears and Limiting Beliefs + Putting Yourself in The Way of Magic

Breaking Through Fears and Limiting Beliefs + Putting Yourself in The Way of Magic

*Spoiler: This one is a little long and personal (but oh-so-good and soulful).

When the woman who helped guide you home to yourself (more than once), warmly invites you to write a blog about it — well, you write a blog about it. Gabrielle Bernstein has done so much for me through her work, and I am brought to tears when I see how the universe, and my willingness to show up, put me in the way of her magic.

In a recent blog, My Biggest Lesson in Trust + Openness Yet (my most well received and personal so far), I spoke a little bit to how Gabby is basically the entire reason I am here writing on this platform today. The girl jump-started the awakening to my truth and the becoming of who I am now. I enrolled into B-School through her because of that deep connection I have to her and her work.

It has been somewhere around 2 years since the day I first stumbled upon Gabby’s youtube channel and as of 3 days ago I was able to speak to her over the phone. Mind = Blown. Nice teamwork, Universe.

Breaking Through Fears & Limiting Beliefs from the Spirit & Soul blog

Earlier I mentioned being ‘put in the way’ of Gabby’s magic. This philosophy of mine, “Put yourself in the way of magic,” that I have mentioned here on Spirit & Soul has come to intensely lead my life and more specifically, this year of my life. In a step to open things up for myself in the biggest way possible this year, I told myself 2017 would be my year of ‘No Holding Back’. (This became my reason for joining B-School, and for joining with Gabby!)

I did this for a few reasons, but the foundation of the shift was to help obliterate as much of my self limiting filter as possible. Holding back is self limiting, and I found that it kept me from putting myself in the way of the very magic I desired to experience and cultivate in my life.

So here I am, shaking from a mixture of excitement and anxiety while trying my best to stay grounded as Gabrielle Bernstein begins our first coaching call of the B-School 2017 season. Gabby gives the call in code to raise your hand just as a quick heads up for everyone, and I sort of lose control of myself (or take the deepest place of control I ever have, you decide) and raise my hand.

I later learned that I was SO nervous, because days before when we got a reminder email about the call I subconsciously and very deeply decided within myself that I was going to talk. And now I was experiencing the very thing I showed up for, because my line was unmuted and the space was opened for my voice to be heard, for me to be seen by someone I had wanted nothing more than to connect with.

Now, on the call Gabby helped me through some B-School blocks and was incredible. Though I must say, the intensity, growth, and overall experience that I personally had was so much more. Like 15 cherries on top. I had some beautiful epiphanies that day, and some personal philosophies were affirmed in a very personal and powerful way.

The reason I have been writing is because Gabby’s work showed me who I needed to be to live authentically and in my most powerful truth. Today I am writing because Gabby personally invited me to write authentically and from a place of service about my experience with her.

So here is what I gained, my dear readers. I hope with all my heart that you can take these ideas and mold them to cultivate your own experiences of light, beauty and wonder.

This experience was the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done. Had I held back, I would not have been aligned with Gabby. Had I held back, I would’ve been denying the Universe of supporting me. Through my B-School journey I have been aligning myself with what I want in the biggest ways, and the Universe has had my back.

Just do it. The thing that scares you, the thing that you thought would never be possible for you, the thing that you knew you could do but still weren’t sure about, anything you find hesitation or fear towards. Just fucking do it. The worst that can happen is that Life would remind you that you are human and you still have growing to do. Just go for it, put yourself in the way of that magic you want to live. You get the results that you show up for. 

I’m here sharing this because the experience was so moving for me, and I like sharing things 1,000x more when I believe they can help someone else too. That is why I write in the first place and even if I misplace the importance of that intention sometimes, it is the foundation of my being.

I want to help in any way I can. I want to support in any way I can support. I want to heal when I can heal and help others to do the same. I want to give light and compassion unconditionally. That’s why I am here. It has been in my bones since before I could acknowledge it that this is my job. It is my job to be on this path.

There you go guys. I write what is on my heart and intentionally or not, Gabby has brought me home to my deepest truths and most pure self yet again. Thank you, Gabby for being you and doing your work, because it has inspired and empowered me to explore, live, and continuously create my own version of that.

~Riley Reign

Finding Balance In A Life Transition

Finding Balance In A Life Transition

Life can put us through some shit, can’t it? So how do we find balance and peace within our transitions, transformations, and lessons? I’ve got some mindfulness tips, perspective tricks, and emotional tools to show you a few ways to find that balance and peace you seek within your life transitions.

Finding Balance In A Life Transition from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Something I feel that a lot of people do by default (which is not your fault), is to fall into a pattern of expectation. It may seem a little bit counterintuitive, but when you release expectations you actually open up more space for possibility and serendipity.

You see, when you make a big life change or set the intention to experience and curate a shift, you are going to be tested. If you have this restrictive expectation, these tests can more likely ‘break’ you. If you release attachment to expectations you have this open, creative, collaborative space where you can both be surprised by what comes to you, and create something you can be extremely proud of.

If you’re in a mindset of expectation, you are not going to be able to get into a flow of co-creation, and you will not be able to experience the life lessons you are being shown with ease and grace as you may wish to.

However, when you come from a place of openness and playfulness, you can get into that co-creative flow much more easily. You can experience whatever the universe needs you to experience and learn in a much softer way from this as well.

For when things get really tricky, turbulent, and trying I invite you to shift your focus. When we are within experiences like this, the tricky ones, we tend to only focus on the negative and we get into a victim mindset. What if instead of Life happening to you, Life happened for you? What if instead of the thing being messy and terrible, the messy and terrible parts were showing you how to grow in a really beautiful and empowering way?

You see, when you can come to a situation or event with less expectation and more openness, the outcome is going to be so much more magical and impressive. Even if you are flying by the seat of your pants, or surrendering in a way that is foreign and uncomfortable for a bit.

And when you can look at life from a place of co-creation (a “Life is happening for me.” type of trust) you can see the bigger picture. Instead of the center of the storm you perceive from the victimhood mindset. You can see that in the end, whatever is happening will benefit you, not break you, and it will build your foundation for even more success farther down the road.


~Riley Reign