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You are not Broken, you are Becoming.

You are not Broken, you are Becoming.

I have always believed that half of life is your perspective of it and I feel deeply that this applies to even the darkest of days. Possibly, that this applies the most to the darkest of days. Sometimes it can all pile up in a way that feels too fast, and it becomes very very heavy. Our politics, our emotional state about everyday life, our collective vibrational frequency. You may feel like you are drowning in things to be sad about, you may feel like Life is trying to break you, you may feel that everything occurring within your life is the worst it can be, and maybe you feel like you’re crumbling beneath it all.
You Are Not Broken, You Are Becoming from the Spirit & Soul Blog


There is always light, even if it may not feel like it. There is always hope, even if you can’t see it yet. There will always be a reason for what you are going through, and it is okay to sometimes feel resentment for that. If you struggle to trust in these positive outlooks, I’d like to offer you to take a look at what Ariana Grande has experienced and shared with the world these last few weeks. Her beloved fans, most likely living out their joy in a daydream like event lost their lives, and other fans traumatized, injured, and put at risk of harm. And still, this young woman took all of her pain and sorrow and upset, and she turned it into a beautiful coming together for the name of Love and standing up against the horrors this world can see.

A woman that many often perceive as scantily clad, and far from a role model, took her worst pain in life and made it into an example and celebration of life and love and strength. She could have easily broken down completely in this time, she could have been fearful of ever stepping foot on a stage again, of ever bringing her fans in front of a stage again. Instead, she chose to show up. She chose to be an example of what it means to lean into fear and resistance in all that she could.

This is what courage is. This is what change looks like. This is what growing through the pain looks like.

Every pain that occurs in your life, physical or non-physical, will catalyst your growth. Even further, it will catalyst your freedom, inspiring you to break free from yourself. Your darkness will teach you where your true light is, as well as how to amplify it. They say, “Your mess with age becomes your message” for a reason, and it is in your vulnerability that you will discover your deep power and your gifts.

You see, even within all of the pain and upset Life can throw at you, you are not breaking, darling. You are becoming. It is the most uncomfortable process, yes. It is also the most beautiful and impactful way of transformation there is. You are not losing yourself, but rather finding your truest self.


~Riley Reign


How to Create Your Self-Improvement Practice

How to Create Your Self-Improvement Practice

It seems to be more than just a trend these days to follow a path of self-improvement or personal-development, but what’s all the fuss about? The importance of being authentic and of integrity is becoming more and more valuable, and I think this both influences and is inspired to grow by the “self-help” niche and lifestyle. This blog is for anyone looking to begin their journey toward their highest potential, but before we start, I want to make sure we get your intentions aligned.

This kind of personal work should never be started from a place of comparison or trying to boost the Ego. If you wish to begin a practice of self-improvement, please have your intentions in alignment. Do not begin this work from a place of, “I want to better myself so I can get attention from others around me.” but instead from a mindset of, “I want to better myself, for myself. I want to see how much I can grow.” If you come from a space of the latter, your expectations of the process and the reality of the process will likely not be what you originally wanted.


Now that your intentions are sorted, let’s chat about what your practice may look like. This begins with one key: your practice will not look like everyone else’s. Your experiences and lessons will be personal, tailored to you and what you need to learn, when you need to learn it. You may follow an incredibly creative space of self-improvement, you may be more inspired by a very spiritual side of things, or you may be super practical and impactful with your practice (I see Tony Robbins vibes with this one). You might explore meditation, healing crystals, and energy work, or you might dive into the creative process and how to maximize your creativity, or maybe perhaps you’ll explore mindfulness techniques and lessons of compassion.

Let your journey be just what it is… Yours.

So how do you start a life project like this? WHERE do you start?! “There are so many books, speakers, thought leaders, seminars, events, and courses I don’t know what would be best for me!” I can see your concern already. Here’s the best advice I have to offer you. Start simple. Be intentional. Trust your intuition.

You do know what you need the most, you do know who you want to learn with and from first, and you know what will be the simplest first step for you on your personal journey. Honor it all.

If you’re just starting out, don’t go listen to Abraham (Hicks) about manifestation or the Universe… unless you know in your heart of hearts that that’s what you need and will benefit most from in your journey right now.  If you’re a reader, start with a book. If you’re more visual, head to youtube right now! If you like hands on learning, it’s time to get to one of those amazing events you’ve probably had on your vision board at least once in the last 1o years.

A few mindful tips before you begin…

  1. Be gentle!
    Be gentle with yourself on this journey and throughout this process. Do not speak to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t speak to your best friend. Yes, you most definitely need to be real with yourself when you aren’t showing up in the way(s) you may need or want to. At the same time, support yourself. Allow yourself to be supported. Be gentle with yourself, because this is hard work, and you deserve to be your own cheerleader.
  2. Know when to push yourself.
    You’ll know when you aren’t doing what you need to be doing to experience the growth and results you desire. Which means, you’ll know when to push yourself. All while remaining supportive.
  3. Everything happens in Divine Timing.
    If you’re really struggling with something, or when you feel like you’ve hit a wall, just know that everything happens in Divine Timing. You are exactly where you need to be in your journey at all times, even if it really feels terribly sucky. You will get where you need to go, and if you aren’t there yet it may be because the timing isn’t quite right yet. Be patient.
  4. Always be open.
    To learn properly, you must be open. To retain that lesson and apply it to your big beautiful life, you must be open. You may be uncomfortable, pushed out of your comfort zone, and you still must do your absolute best to stay as open as you can. Both energetically, and mindfully.


Some tools that may help you start off on the right foot or get super charged inspired:

If you already have a self-improvement practice, sound off in the comments below and share with us how this has changed your life for the better! If you don’t have a practice yet, but are excited to start, share with us what you’re most excited to (hopefully) learn on this path.

Enjoy your journey!!!

~Riley Reign

3 Ways to Claim Your Power

3 Ways to Claim Your Power

Before we jump into this post, I owe it to my regulars to give a little update on why I have been kind of M.I.A. lately and that reason would be — I have been pouring most of my vibrant loving, creative energy and excitement into my brand new personal website! This is where you can find my freelance writing info, and learn about working with me on a personal level with an intuitive mentoring session. The site launched this past Monday and has been such an exciting whirlwind of magic.

Now that we’ve gone over that little bit of info, let’s jump in!

We often times don’t realize, but we give away our personal power on a daily basis and it is totally unnecessary! With a little bit of mindfulness and awareness we can prevent this, and reclaim our power when we notice that we’ve given it away. This post is all about how to do both of those things, in a really gentle but impactful way! Welcome to my top 3 ways to claim (or reclaim) your power.

3 Ways To Claim Your Power from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Simple Mindfulness

This tool is a sneak peek into my 10 day course Acknowledge Your Power.

Being aware and mindful is such a huge part of any spiritual or personal growth practice. Take your power back by simply being mindful of what/who affects it and when. Take a breath in the space of that moment, say a mantra if you wish. ‘I am compassion.’, ‘I am understanding.’, ‘I am protected.’, ‘I control the energy of this situation and I choose _______.” are some great power packed mantras.


Cutting Chords

Chord cutting is something you can do to reclaim your power when you recognize where you’ve given it up, more specifically regarding relationships. This is when you ceremonially/ritually sever an energetic chord that is within your aura, or energetic body. These chords or ties are usually connected between 2 people specifically, and you may have this occurence with more than 1 person in your life.

Here are some amazing resources for Chord Cutting guidance:
Pinterest Ideas
Youtube Guided Meditation for Chord Cutting


Manifesting Positivity

This is another tool that you’re likely to find (or have previously seen) in my course Acknowledge Your Power.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” When you can focus on positivity you will very literally manifest more of such in your everyday life.

When you are in a space of amplifying and curating positivity in your life, please remember to protect your energy. That can mean just being aware of what you allow to hold weight in a day to day practice, or you use something like the bubble tool, healing crystals, or energetic boundaries (if you are an essential oil user, Melaleuca is the emotional oil of Energetic Boundaries, that may be able to assist you in some way) to protect you.

Have you tried any of these tools before? If so, what was your experience like, and how do you feel you could use the tools again in your life right now? If you haven’t yet used one of these tools but plan to, share in the comments below so this community can help support you and hold you accountable. I so look forward to hearing what you can share about your personal journey!


~Riley Reign

Breaking Through Fears and Limiting Beliefs + Putting Yourself in The Way of Magic

Breaking Through Fears and Limiting Beliefs + Putting Yourself in The Way of Magic

*Spoiler: This one is a little long and personal (but oh-so-good and soulful).

When the woman who helped guide you home to yourself (more than once), warmly invites you to write a blog about it — well, you write a blog about it. Gabrielle Bernstein has done so much for me through her work, and I am brought to tears when I see how the universe, and my willingness to show up, put me in the way of her magic.

In a recent blog, My Biggest Lesson in Trust + Openness Yet (my most well received and personal so far), I spoke a little bit to how Gabby is basically the entire reason I am here writing on this platform today. The girl jump-started the awakening to my truth and the becoming of who I am now. I enrolled into B-School through her because of that deep connection I have to her and her work.

It has been somewhere around 2 years since the day I first stumbled upon Gabby’s youtube channel and as of 3 days ago I was able to speak to her over the phone. Mind = Blown. Nice teamwork, Universe.

Breaking Through Fears & Limiting Beliefs from the Spirit & Soul blog

Earlier I mentioned being ‘put in the way’ of Gabby’s magic. This philosophy of mine, “Put yourself in the way of magic,” that I have mentioned here on Spirit & Soul has come to intensely lead my life and more specifically, this year of my life. In a step to open things up for myself in the biggest way possible this year, I told myself 2017 would be my year of ‘No Holding Back’. (This became my reason for joining B-School, and for joining with Gabby!)

I did this for a few reasons, but the foundation of the shift was to help obliterate as much of my self limiting filter as possible. Holding back is self limiting, and I found that it kept me from putting myself in the way of the very magic I desired to experience and cultivate in my life.

So here I am, shaking from a mixture of excitement and anxiety while trying my best to stay grounded as Gabrielle Bernstein begins our first coaching call of the B-School 2017 season. Gabby gives the call in code to raise your hand just as a quick heads up for everyone, and I sort of lose control of myself (or take the deepest place of control I ever have, you decide) and raise my hand.

I later learned that I was SO nervous, because days before when we got a reminder email about the call I subconsciously and very deeply decided within myself that I was going to talk. And now I was experiencing the very thing I showed up for, because my line was unmuted and the space was opened for my voice to be heard, for me to be seen by someone I had wanted nothing more than to connect with.

Now, on the call Gabby helped me through some B-School blocks and was incredible. Though I must say, the intensity, growth, and overall experience that I personally had was so much more. Like 15 cherries on top. I had some beautiful epiphanies that day, and some personal philosophies were affirmed in a very personal and powerful way.

The reason I have been writing is because Gabby’s work showed me who I needed to be to live authentically and in my most powerful truth. Today I am writing because Gabby personally invited me to write authentically and from a place of service about my experience with her.

So here is what I gained, my dear readers. I hope with all my heart that you can take these ideas and mold them to cultivate your own experiences of light, beauty and wonder.

This experience was the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done. Had I held back, I would not have been aligned with Gabby. Had I held back, I would’ve been denying the Universe of supporting me. Through my B-School journey I have been aligning myself with what I want in the biggest ways, and the Universe has had my back.

Just do it. The thing that scares you, the thing that you thought would never be possible for you, the thing that you knew you could do but still weren’t sure about, anything you find hesitation or fear towards. Just fucking do it. The worst that can happen is that Life would remind you that you are human and you still have growing to do. Just go for it, put yourself in the way of that magic you want to live. You get the results that you show up for. 

I’m here sharing this because the experience was so moving for me, and I like sharing things 1,000x more when I believe they can help someone else too. That is why I write in the first place and even if I misplace the importance of that intention sometimes, it is the foundation of my being.

I want to help in any way I can. I want to support in any way I can support. I want to heal when I can heal and help others to do the same. I want to give light and compassion unconditionally. That’s why I am here. It has been in my bones since before I could acknowledge it that this is my job. It is my job to be on this path.

There you go guys. I write what is on my heart and intentionally or not, Gabby has brought me home to my deepest truths and most pure self yet again. Thank you, Gabby for being you and doing your work, because it has inspired and empowered me to explore, live, and continuously create my own version of that.

~Riley Reign

5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

I am happy to be here, sharing with you how YOU can use the gorgeous spring energy to inspire and enliven your life.  Are you enjoying it so far? I can easily say for myself I have been completely inspired by the weather and the evolving environment.  Welcome to spring!

5 Ways To Use Spring Energy to Inspire Your Life from the Spirit & Soul Blog


Get Grounded

Use the beautiful weather to take to the outdoors and get some good grounding done. Reel those energies in and get clear on your intentions and desires. Decide what you want and create your action plan to get it. Bring your head out of the clouds for a minute, and see how the soil of your life needs to be nourished so the garden can flourish!

The cycles of Life

Take the time of Spring’s rejuvenation and refreshing abundance to look into the cycles of life, and more specifically your life. Learn how to flow with this beautiful rhythm, and dance with it throughout your life. Get introspective and look at your personal pattern cycles. How can they improve? How might they need to change to allow more space for positivity?


Take note of all of the blooming surrounding you. Where are you at in your life right now? Think of how your circumstances are, and if it is more beneficial to yourself and others for you to focus on the darkness, or bloom where you have been planted. The outcome here is up to you, what are you going to choose?

Invite Color, Vibrancy, and Abundance

Everything in life during spring becomes vibrant, colorful, and begins to grow in abundance. How can you use this energetic opportunity to bring you more joy, positivity, and inspiration? Invite more color, vibrancy, and abundance into your life in this fruitful energetic time. Explore playing with new colors, vibrant energies (in people, places, etc.), and cultivating abundance within your life.


An Intention of Freshness

When you think of spring, what do you think of? Do the words rejuvenation, and refreshing come to mind? Apply these energies to your day to day intentions within your life. Implement an intention of freshness, refreshing experiences and perspectives.


Have you found any of these 5 ideas showing up in your life subconsciously since the beginning of spring? Share with us any a-ha’s below and offer up any extra insight you have found through the presence of spring this year.


~Riley Reign