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10 Ways To Get Inspired Fast

10 Ways To Get Inspired Fast


We all need a little help getting inspired with our work and our lives every once in a while. So how can we get inspired fast when we really need it? I’ve got 10 helpful and useful tools to help you break through an uninspired pattern quickly and easily!

10 Ways to Get Inspired Fast from The Spirit & Soul Blog


  1. Create a Pinterest Inspiration Mood Board
    Creating a high energy vibrant mood board is a great way to get inspired! Once the board is started and you begin to build on it over time,  it is the perfect thing to look back to when you need inspiration again in the future too. I love this tool because you can have more than one mood board and more than one genre if you will of inspiring content. If you need inspiration for your own mood board, you can look at mine as an example here.
  2. Listen to The Right Song
    A good song can be incredibly powerful, many of us know this. But the right song (or playlist if that’s your vibe) can be even more powerful to bring on inspiration. Listen to the right song for what you’re looking for to raise your energy and inspire your mind. Do you need uplifting, do you need to romanticize, do you need to release negativity? You know what it is you need, and I am willing to bet you know the song(s) you need to listen to to get your energy and inspiration up.
  3. Find Quotes Related to What You Seek
    This is where Pinterest can be helpful again. Words have meaning, and when they are strung together in the right way the hold power. Look up quotes relating to what you’re looking for and you can find the sage you need and ignite the inspiration you desire.
  4. Read A Favorite Book
    Don’t just open to the first page and read it through though, flip to a random page of your favorite book. You’d be surprised at what magic can come from the random page you chose. Maybe something you highlighted years ago comes up, maybe it’s a paragraph that reminds you of an important moral or lesson, maybe it’s the title of a new chapter.
  5. Take Time for Self-Care
    It doesn’t have to be a whole day at the spa. If you’re feeling low and uninspired but you need to change that and be productive, take some short time for a moment to yourself and with yourself. Whether that’s a warm cup of tea, or a bath with a good playlist, or buying something nice for yourself (get yourself some flowers for $5, investing in your own energy doesn’t have to be expensive). Giving yourself a moment to breathe and open up to allow inspiration inward is often something we forget to allow ourselves.
  6. Play with Your Medium
    Whatever your art, if you’re stuck in a funk and you’re uninspired play with your medium. Be it painting, drawing, writing, or photography just start playing. You won’t find inspiration if you focus on your uninspiredness so start moving and playing with your medium. Even if it’s just scribbles or fingerprints of paint, it will help the inspiration and muse find you.
  7. Ask a Friend To Tell You About Something Beautiful
    When you’re struggling to find magic within your own life, ask a friend to tell you about their own! Maybe they saw a random act of kindness on this day and it can bring you inspiration. Talk about life and you’re likely to stumble upon something beautiful.
  8. Take a Moment of Gratitude
    The little things in life are often the most inspiring. Taking a moment to take note of what you are grateful for in the moment and in your life right now can be really inspiring. You can find inspiration quicker than you think with this little tool.
  9. Say a Mantra
    The ‘I am’ mantra is a powerful one, especially for invoking inspiration and creativity. “I am creative.”, “I am inspired.”, “I am productive.”, and “I am empowered.” are great ones for invoking a higher energy within yourself.
  10. Just Start Creating
    It’s okay to uninspired, and it’s totally normal. What is not okay is stopping your practice and creation because of uninspiredness so just start. It’s okay if you are not really feeling it, just get the creative and inspired juices to start flowing and you’ll be well on your way. There’s no reason to dwell in uninspiredness when you can create in it and pull yourself out of it.

Those are 10 simple and powerful tools to help you get inspired fast! Enjoy creating!

~Riley Reign


We Are All Artists

We Are All Artists


This is a concept I know many struggle with, including creative people, yet it is a Universal Truth.

We have the power to be what we wish, who we wish, do what we sih. We have the power create all that we wish (and that which we do not desire). We have the power to be present, to evoke emotion, bring depth + meaning, to explore + grow.  Each of us has a genius, a particular brilliance, a unique magic.


We are co-creators (hopefully) all sculpting + designing our lives and that which is around us to be beautiful and meaningful.


We all have it in us, that indescribable thing, perhaps it is understanding, that we can use to make everything we touch artful. Be it our life, out of clay, with paint, the crack of a smile, or with a compassionate act.

We’ve all got it.

So, so long as you are continuously bringing your life depth, meaning, and purpose, starting the conversations as any piece of art should then you are an artist.

We are literally made of starstuff. We are the manifesters of dreams, and the thinkers of powerful thoughts. If all I have said is true, which from where I see, it is, we are all artists creating our rippling masterpieces.





~Riley Reign


Why I so Passionately Love Creating Custom Artwork

Why I so Passionately Love Creating Custom Artwork


My custom artwork is such an inspiration to me, as some of you may know. This is where my fiery passion for the arts comes through most powerfully. But why do I love it so much?

While I don’t get complete creative control here, I get to hear the most beautiful stories. Stories of love, loss, strength, compassion, truth, life force, and may other magical things. In a way, my art is my Namaste.

Without me doing this kind of work I wouldn’t be able to meet (and connect with) such great people as I have, and I probably wouldn’t be as inspired in & with life as I currently am.

Not only do these acts of vulnerability of people sharing their stories with me inspire me, but so does the ability to make someone’s vision (and story) come to life on a piece of paper. There is something so very special about being able to take someones vague (or completely clear) ideas and stringing them together to create something that resonates with them on a soul (and emotional) level. And for me to be able to do this for these beautiful souls, that is the entire reason I am here and creating for you.


You can go here to order your very own custom piece.


~Riley Reign

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