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Spirituality is about Realness

Spirituality is about Realness

I set out this month to write and publish a blog everyday. I had no expectation, and really just wanted to challenge myself, see what the Universe would match that energy and intention with, and see if any analytics changed in any kind of way. As you may have noticed, the last 3 days I haven’t posted a blog. Scandalous, I know.

If you are a creative of any kind, you know how difficult it can be to force the creation of something, let alone something of quality. As much as this month is about a quantity of blogs, I will not write unless I feel that a message, lesson, or tool is one of quality and universal relevance. So, for the last 3 days I didn’t write or publish anything. I wasn’t in a place to focus into the work I do in the way I needed to, and as I wrote previously this month about honoring ones process I needed to honor where I was. And instead of putting out sub-par content (not to mention life guidance), I held space for when I could focus.


Spirituality is about Realness from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Because here is the thing about spirituality, it’s not about being the best, the most enlightened, or being righteous. Spirituality is about realness. For example, this week I had to be real with myself and to be in flow rather than force, I needed to not write or post a blog for a few days. To not burn myself out, I had to get real. In this instance, real meant rest, trusting in my process, and leaning into the love that I would open more space for.

Spirituality is not about doing all of the yoga, meditating, or reading of books about the Universe, Source, or God. It means being connected, and trusting that connection. Perhaps for you that aligns with yoga, meditation, or learning. But here’s the catch my soul-siblings, if you do all of the spiritual activities only for face value or the image of being a vibrant little light worker, that isn’t real, and you will likely soon learn that through experience.


Being spiritually connected + expressive means being 100% real and authentic, not to be confused for masking your human experience realness (yes, the unpretty bits, especially the unpretty bits) with ‘love + light’. Love + light without action to actualise the intention is nothing. Often the most spiritual thing you can do, is to be in your mess. Not to dwell in it or attach yourself to it, but to be with it, and to be open to what it has to offer you.

This realness includes letting go of that which does not serve you, not to be confused with suppressing or ignoring the unpretty bits of life because they “aren’t pretty” and “therefore don’t serve you”. This journey of getting real leads to letting go of what doesn’t serve your highest good, or the highest good of those around you. For example, me writing and publishing less than raw and universally true content wouldn’t serve me, it would have burnt me out. And it wouldn’t serve you, because it wouldn’t have been as good as it needed to be. It was not of highest good, so I let it go.

Continuing to let go of what doesn’t serve the highest good of all will lead you to some pretty epic realisations. Like, “Hey, my judgement is a total waste of energy and space that could be used for way better things.”, “Wow, these assumptions I make only cause pain and/or destruction.”, “Holy f*uck, when I am inauthentic, I am disabling myself and everyone around me from experiencing me in my truth and my magic.”

So, yes, as you continue to get real with yourself and get more connected to your Source, you are lead to love and light and blessings. That does not veto you from having to experience some unpleasant to learn the lessons you are here for. However, it will bring you understanding, vastly simple and powerful action, and universal compassion. Because when you get far enough with the healing and getting real, everything will lead back to love, compassion, and understanding.


I would love to hear how this article has helped shift your perspective of spirituality, so please sound off in the comments below and let’s get some juicy conversation started!


~Riley Reign




Can We Please Take Off Our Masks? // A Plea for True Authenticity

Can We Please Take Off Our Masks? // A Plea for True Authenticity

False beliefs, false religion, false sexuality. False career paths, false relationships, false fronts. All concealing our truths, distancing us from our souls, and distancing others from experiencing our rawness and the magic of our honesty. Presenting falsehood to our loved ones and potential loved ones.

Can we please take off our masks? Reveal our truths. Pull back the lies and offer our honest beliefs, honest religions, honest sexualities. Step into aligned careers as we shed that which is not truly real. Welcome aligned relationships. Show up, wholly. Unforgivingly, with the most authentic and pure representations of ourselves.

A Plea for True Authenticity from The Spirit & Soul Blog


Can we, please? Light will grow from all of our darknesses being shed. Everything will shift, for the better, adjusting into truth and alignment of and for the highest good. Some will learn, growing. Some will resist, experiencing stagnant energy at it’s highest. Those who do not serve our highest good can move into their own space, finding their highest good. We can all more freely move into our desired paths, our fullest potentials.

Can we please take off our masks? Find our true tribes, great works of this lifetime, and selves. Freely reconnect with our own souls + rediscover our truest values. Be done hiding, and ignoring our callings. Begin experiencing and coming into wholeness, authentically.

Please, can we stop bullshitting each other and all step into our own magic + light? Let us all step into, find, compassion, hold space for understanding, and take off our god damned masks. For once and for all. However many you have, shed them forgivingly, gently, with compassion and understanding. Thank them for what they have taught you, and let them go. We can shed these layers of falsehood together.

Get down to our undeniable bare essence and learn how to become who you are meant to be, to grow there, authentically.



~Riley Reign