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The Launch of Gaia Collective’s New MoonBox // Sponsored

The Launch of Gaia Collective’s New MoonBox // Sponsored

As you all know, I recently fell head over heels for Gaia Collective and their subscription box offering, MoonBox. I am so excited today to announce and share their New MoonBox with you! A MoonBox, for the New Moon phase of each moon cycle.

This box is so elegantly simple and powerfully magical, which I think is in perfect alignment with one of the most refreshing energies of the lunar phases. As many of you know, I have my own lunar ritual each new and full moon. Some people ask on my blogs about working with lunar energy how to start your own ritual, and I have to say, start with a MoonBox. Because it is so easy and already laid out for you with such gorgeous guidance and intention, and I don’t need to tell you how good an excuse it is to treat yourself (with guilt free, soul nourishing goodness)!

The Launch of Gaia Collective's New Moon Box from the Spirit & Soul Blog
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“Introducing the New MoonBox – a brand new, simple and focused way to align with the vibrations of our Mother Gaia, fueled by the energetic cleansing of the New Moon. 1 high quality crystal, with Crystal Info, Hand Painted Crystal Artwork, and Intention Setting information by Spirit Daughter. Single sell only. Subscriptions available September 2017.

Each New MoonBox includes:

  • 2.5″ – 3″ Tigers Eye Sphere to channel the energy of vitality and empowerment for the New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse.
  • Hand Painted Crystal Art Mini Booklet with New Moon Guidance & Intention setting information from the “Leo New Moon Workbook” by Spirit Daughter.
  • Add on full “Leo New Moon Workbook” as a digital download (+$6.00).
  • Free shipping.

Order by is Aug 11 for international and Aug 14 for USA to reserve yours!” – from

                                        Gaia Collective New MoonBox from Spirit & Soul Blog


If you need another reason to get the New MoonBox, when you sign up for their email list you may get a super amazing opportunity from me in their emails! Okay, you will get a super amazing opportunity from me — if you sign up with your email, you’ll gain access to a promo code that will get you my 10 day E-Course Acknowledge Your Power for free. I’m not sure why you would want to miss out on that!

And look, if you can’t grab yourself a New MoonBox this time around, you should still follow Gaia Collective purely for inspiration purposes. Their social media’s are beautiful, and they share tons of insightful guidance throughout each month regarding moon phases, and spiritual and personal growth. I wouldn’t ever back a company I didn’t truly love or believe in, and I wish for nothing but success for this project!

I hope you enjoy your New Moon(Box) this August and bathe in the beautiful renewed energy!

~Riley Reign


Gaia Collective’s MoonBox is a Match Made in Full Moon Ritual Heaven // Review

Gaia Collective’s MoonBox is a Match Made in Full Moon Ritual Heaven // Review

As some of you may know, this past week there was a gorgeous Full Moon in Sagittarius. The energy was vibrant, super-inspiring, and like many full moons are it was a little bit intense. Now, I have written about how to work with the Lunar cycle a few times before on the blog, but I have never shared any products or anything that relates to your moon rituals or practices.

I find that a lunar practice or ritual is a very personal and often quite intuitive thing, and I have always maintained an unbiased place of encouragement and guidance with your full moon practice. Which should tell you, that the fact I am even talking about this service is a big deal for me and the blog.


A Review of Gaia Collective's MoonBox from the Spirit & Soul Blog
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The Gaia Collective MoonBox made this past full moon the best full moon practice I have ever had. And I am not laying it on thick or trying to be one of those bloggers that just loves products, because I am not that girl. The MoonBox was simply and simultaneously profoundly the cherry on top of my ritual this past month.

Not only was the box incredibly gorgeous, well put together and very intentionally thought out, it was also quite exciting and inspiring. The items I received were incredibly inspiring to my practice as well as nourishing for my mind, body, and spirit. Just opening the box and exploring what came with it this month was a treat, let alone bringing each divine little goody into my ritual of self-care and personal growth.

I can remember quite well saying, “Oh my goodness. I feel so special.” at least 5 times while opening the box, and that is something that isn’t extremely profound, but to have the small touches of extra abundance and to create such a luxurious richness within my experience really made my practice much more beautiful. It was such a blessing, because the shifts I had that night were a little bit intense and emotional, so to also have the balance and softness of the lovely products from the MoonBox was truly sweet.

I had a really lovely time of practicing my own self-care and personal growth while I shared a good portion of my ritual essentials on my instagram story and I’d love for you to see and get as in depth of a review of the MoonBox as possible. Below you’ll find some photos of the products I received this past month, along with what I thought of them!


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I was lucky to receive this month a beautiful turquoise choker necklace from Nabee Jewelry Design, a delicious strawberry tea blend that was perfect for the strawberry moon, a few gorgeous crystals, along with an essential oil blend for wearing and another for room energy clearing, and a bedtime dream tonic. Now, I am head over heels in love with nearly everything in this box. I say nearly everything because if I am being honest, there was one thing in the box that I didn’t use, and that was the bedtime lucid dreaming tonic, because honestly it kind of scared me a little.

I am so excited, happy, and grateful to say that Gaia Collective and I will be collaborating on a box together very soon! If you’d like to get your own Moon Box for the next full moon you can do that here. If you’re interested in what Gaia and I are collaborating on sign up for my newsletter here to get VIP access.


Happy Full Mooning!
~Riley Reign