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3 Ways to Claim Your Power

3 Ways to Claim Your Power

Before we jump into this post, I owe it to my regulars to give a little update on why I have been kind of M.I.A. lately and that reason would be — I have been pouring most of my vibrant loving, creative energy and excitement into my brand new personal website! This is where you can find my freelance writing info, and learn about working with me on a personal level with an intuitive mentoring session. The site launched this past Monday and has been such an exciting whirlwind of magic.

Now that we’ve gone over that little bit of info, let’s jump in!

We often times don’t realize, but we give away our personal power on a daily basis and it is totally unnecessary! With a little bit of mindfulness and awareness we can prevent this, and reclaim our power when we notice that we’ve given it away. This post is all about how to do both of those things, in a really gentle but impactful way! Welcome to my top 3 ways to claim (or reclaim) your power.

3 Ways To Claim Your Power from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Simple Mindfulness

This tool is a sneak peek into my 10 day course Acknowledge Your Power.

Being aware and mindful is such a huge part of any spiritual or personal growth practice. Take your power back by simply being mindful of what/who affects it and when. Take a breath in the space of that moment, say a mantra if you wish. ‘I am compassion.’, ‘I am understanding.’, ‘I am protected.’, ‘I control the energy of this situation and I choose _______.” are some great power packed mantras.


Cutting Chords

Chord cutting is something you can do to reclaim your power when you recognize where you’ve given it up, more specifically regarding relationships. This is when you ceremonially/ritually sever an energetic chord that is within your aura, or energetic body. These chords or ties are usually connected between 2 people specifically, and you may have this occurence with more than 1 person in your life.

Here are some amazing resources for Chord Cutting guidance:
Pinterest Ideas
Youtube Guided Meditation for Chord Cutting


Manifesting Positivity

This is another tool that you’re likely to find (or have previously seen) in my course Acknowledge Your Power.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” When you can focus on positivity you will very literally manifest more of such in your everyday life.

When you are in a space of amplifying and curating positivity in your life, please remember to protect your energy. That can mean just being aware of what you allow to hold weight in a day to day practice, or you use something like the bubble tool, healing crystals, or energetic boundaries (if you are an essential oil user, Melaleuca is the emotional oil of Energetic Boundaries, that may be able to assist you in some way) to protect you.

Have you tried any of these tools before? If so, what was your experience like, and how do you feel you could use the tools again in your life right now? If you haven’t yet used one of these tools but plan to, share in the comments below so this community can help support you and hold you accountable. I so look forward to hearing what you can share about your personal journey!


~Riley Reign