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You Are Divinely Supported + Guided

You Are Divinely Supported + Guided

Today as I was asking what wanted to be written I was pulled to one of my favorite books (one of the books that brought me here), Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I closed my eyes and flipped open to a ‘random’ page. The first page I looked to was ‘A Prayer for Expansion’. And on the next page I see what I underlined at least 3 years ago, “Life bends for the courageous. The Universe wants to support you. Take a deep breath and leap.” 


A Divine Message For You from the Spirit & Soul blog
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“Beloved Council of Light,
Guide my hands, my heart, my mouth and my feet.
When I start clinging remind me to surrender.
When I ignore you, speak up louder than before.
When I make it about me, help me get out of my own way.
When I am fearful, let me see my fears as opportunities to expand.
Thank you for working through me through my day.
And so it is. ” – A Prayer for Expansion, an excerpt from Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell



You are divinely supported + guided.

These two sentiments of guidance both validate something that I am working on in my personal life right now, but this is what I am being called to share with you: You are divinely supported + guided. As much as this is something I am coming to deeply know for my own life, I am able to see the reality that it is for everyone living and breathing on this planet. The Universe wants to support you, just as much as you want to be supported. The Universe wants to guide you, just as much as you are craving guidance right now.

Will you be open to the support + guidance? This is where the rubber hits the road. Desiring support + guidance is nice, but what about truly opening yourself up and align your vibration with the support and guidance that is infinitely available to you? When you can do that, your life expands around and within you, to align itself with what you desire to co-create.

To share some of my personal experience with leaning into this truth, I’ll share my most recent practice of this truth. I said at a BBT Live event about a month ago that in July I would work with a specific number of donation based mentoring clients. About 9 days before my deadline to make this personal goal (and do what I said I was going to do), reaching this goal logically looked like a lost cause. I was going to do what I said I was going to do, though. And so with 7 days left until my ‘deadline’ I leaned hard and fast into this universal truth as if my life depended on it, and as I leaned into my trust and showing up to do my part, clients began booking sessions. 4 hours before that deadline I finished up the session that would make my goal. Because I decided to not only know soul deep that I was divinely supported, but to allow the Universe to support me.

Today there isn’t an article for you to read on how to uplevel your life, or how to understand or implement a tool in any kind of way. Today isn’t about content or how I can put out a blog that will be serve what the market wants. My market is people on their journey’s, and today there is a message that begs of you (hello, person on your journey) to claim it, know it, and acknowledge it’s truth. You are supported by the divine, always. You are guided by the divine, always. It is safe for you to feel safe in this energy and wisdom. 

When you can live your life from this certainty, absolute magic will occur around you. I can say that, because I myself am continuing to experience it myself as I trust in this truth more and more. Take from this blog what you will. You get the results you show up for.

I would love to hear how this message has shifted your energy, experience, or perspective today so please share what you wish in the comment section below!

~Riley Reign