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Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful

Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful

Last night was an epic Full Moon in Aquarius, that was paired with a solar eclipse, and today is the opening of the lions gate. Can you say, “Hello, magic!”? You may have seen one of many articles about how this lunar energy was intense, and intensely calling you to let go of that which does not serve your highest good. I know that letting go can be incredibly difficult for some people, so today I’d like to share some insight and perspective that may be able to inspire + empower you to let go with a little more ease.

It is likely that you’ll hear any number of spiritual and success teachers/leaders talk about how important it is to let things go, and as cliche as it may feel I have to say they are all beyond right. We cannot continue to grow unless we let go. I invite you to observe how that statement makes you feel. Does it scare you? Does it make you feel resistant or small? Take note of that and explore it this week if you’re open to it. Now, let’s get into the reasons that the practice of letting go is one of the most powerful things you can gift yourself.


Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Letting go will soften your pain.

It may sound counter-intuitive, because “you have to fight for your peace” in this life experience, but I can assure you this is the most intuitive thing you can do when you feel yourself attaching to or obsessing over something negative in your life. I’d like you to think of a situation where you were scared and clinging to something physical as a way to try and help yourself feel safer or more in control. Maybe you’re driving or cycling and you’re white-knuckling the steering wheel or handlebars? Feel the pain you would feel in your hands in that moment.

Now feel the softening you experience when you’re out of that scary situation and you allow your hands to let go a little bit and relax. That is what mentally letting go can do for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Allow yourself to let go, and your pain will soften. How badly do you want the pain to begin to heal or calm down? That is how badly you want yourself to let go. Give yourself that space.


Letting go creates space for the good sh*t.

When you can let go of that which is holding you back, blocking your magic, or bringing you negativity, you simultaneously create space for the good sh*t. The light, joy, and other magic that your soul craves can be welcomed in, but only when you have let what is taking up space now go. This practice of release is also a practice of creation, because as you let go, you have new space to receive. As you let go, you have new space to create, play, and enjoy your experiences.

Your thoughts can move onto better things, your joy can come back to life, and your mind can focus on the more important things. I invite you to observe what you are holding onto that is taking up your space for the goodness that is available to you, and if you are willing, let it go today with ease and grace.

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Letting go allows you to ground back into your ever-present peace.

When I was at a Vipassana course I learned through my meditation experiences that everyone has a deeply rooted, ever-present, unshakeable peace, and I learned that the thing that holds us back from experiencing this is our reactions, judgement, assumptions, etc. When you can let go of these truly very little things in life, and just allow what you cannot control to be what it will be, you find yourself back in that ever-present peace that is always accessible to you. I understand this may be a more broad concept for many to understand, but once you have experienced it, it can change how you live. And if you can have the awareness that it even is a possibility for you, you’ll find yourself experiencing this concept as reality without even intending it.


There you go, beautiful souls! I would love to hear any Aha moments you may have had from these ideas, and how they have since shifted the way you show up to life, so please share with us in the comments below and we’ll get the conversation going even deeper.


~Riley Reign


3 Powerful Ways to Release That Which No Longer Serves You

3 Powerful Ways to Release That Which No Longer Serves You

3 Powerful Ways To Release What Does Not Serve You from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Journaling ~ 

Write out anything and everything causing you pain, stress, worry, mis-use of your time, overwhelm, discontentment or tension. Anything that you dislike that is occuring in your life. Write it out however long or short the list, setting intentions of letting go. Stating that you are aware this does not serve you or the highest good of all and that you let this feeling, occurrence, event, possible job, etc. go. This practice will change and evolve for you as time goes on, so remember to honor what that is and what that means for you. When you are done writing out your hearts discontent burn the paper wherever you can (i.e. in your fire place, carefully outside, in a park grill, etc.) to let it go for good, opening up to new opportunities, energies, and/or relationships that higher serve the good of all.

Breathing Meditation ~

Whether your breath meditation is self guided or an audio recording, breathing meditations are incredibly powerful for releasing stagnant energy within the body causing emotion stress, pain, or tension. As well as emotions built up or held within the physical body. Some lovely guided meditation recordings have been linked below.

Wash It Away ~

When showering after a long day, or an emotional time, use this visualization practice to let go of that which is not serving your highest good. As you wind down energetically and clean your physical body, imagine the water running down your skin cleansing your emotional + energetic bodies. See the water clearing out any dark or negative energy and thought processes. Not only will you feel physically clean afterward, you will feel mentally, emotionally, and energetically refreshed and invigorated as well. If you wish too, you can visualize the water cleansing your chakras as well, but this is your practice, so do what feels right for you.


~Riley Reign